Love (Try) Angle by Manali Desai- Simple Sweet Love story

Love (Try) Angle by Manali Desai- Simple Sweet Love story


  • Format: Kindle

  • Publication Year: 2020

  • ASIN: B08Y7X6RXM

  • Pages: 145

  • Rating: 3.8 on 5

Love (Try) Angle by Manali Desai- Well, by the name, you already made an idea as to what can be the plot of the book. I appreciate the author for this. She made it easy for a reader to make an idea before reading the book. Many will disagree with me in this aspect. They may say what’s left if the plot gets already reflected in the title. But my answer to them will be, ” A writer must be honest towards his/her reader. Not to fool your readers by reflecting something in the title and giving altogether a different set of stories inside. It gives readers the freedom to decide to pick or not to pick the book based on the genre.”
Cover page: Next to talk about is the cover page. Once again, I must say that author Manali made an intelligent choice of cover design which again depicts that there will be three key characters in the story with one lady and two men.
Plot: The protagonist of the story is Ayesh. She landed in Mumbai with the hope to get admission to one of the best colleges for pursuing a B. A Political Science. If you are hailing from a small city, then life in Mumbai will appear too fast and unpredictable for you. It is truly the city of joy, and the author described the city life so well. The 2nd character of the story is Viren, the resident of the same locality as Ayesha in Mumbai. He helped the protagonist to achieve stability in the colorful and fast city. Ayesha entered college life, but life seemed to be a roller coaster ride as it was made next to hell by Abhi, her senior. She made efforts, to adjust and the moment things started falling in place, the entry of Viren happened in the college as Ad-Hoc lecturer. I hope you get a glimpse of what the story will be next. But who will be the lucky man, and will Ayesha ever feel that there is something called love in her life? Do read it to know.
Writing style and characterization: The writing style is simple and free flow making it a perfect read for young lovers and college-goers. But mature readers may find it as a too simple and predictable story. Next is characterization. Well, in this case, I will say well-structured characterization done, and Ayesha remained the best among all three main characters. 
Final Verdict: Young readers go for it as the story is weaved beautifully by Author Manali for you all. For matured readers, if you are too much in love with romance and triangle love, then try it. It will be a good one-time read. Will love to read more from Author Manali.