10 Mistakes New Bloggers Should Avoid

Top Ten Mistakes  New Bloggers Should Avoid

Blogging has emerged as a fun, creative, and profitable activity. Now we use it for both business promotion and entertainment. But, building a successful blog is not as easy as it seems. It is especially since the level of competition in this niche has skyrocketed.

Both individuals and organizations are striving to attract the attention of readers. So, new bloggers need to be especially careful about doing things right. I witnessed a wonderful journey as a blogger in the last 9 years. I made mistakes too 🙂 . Such mistakes taught me how to be better as a blogger.

 I shared a few common mistakes that new bloggers need to avoid. If you wish to make it big in this competitive industry then avoid them. I learned it from my experience as a blogger.

 No Clarity of Purpose

Before starting a blog, bloggers should have a clear understanding. They need to understand why they want to do it. Having clarity of purpose helps provide the right direction for blogging. It helps to identify the appropriate target audience. It also ensures a better selection of topics.

A purpose helps to use the right strategies to attract followers. What if you lack a proper understanding of the objectives to achieve via blogging? You will feel confused and make the wrong topic and content choices. 

Blogging About Anything And Everything

Not Understanding The Interests Of Audiences

Most bloggers focus on their interests over the interests of their clients. They do it while selecting the content for their blog. It’s good to focus on the topics they want to write on. But, new bloggers must concentrate on writing about the topic that audiences prefer.

For this, the bloggers need to do market research. They need to check the various social media platform. It will help to learn about the type of questions people are asking. New bloggers can also conduct a keyword search about intended topics. It will help to see and analyze the responses they get for the same. 

Not Following Proper Procedure During Blog Setup

Rush to set up a blog without following the proper process, is another mistake. The new bloggers should avoid making it. First should complete the technical aspects of setting up the blog. Must avoid any glitches in its smooth functioning at a later stage.

It is also a must to follow every step of the process to set up a blog. It will help to maintain the integrity of the platform. This action makes the blog easy to access for the target audiences. New bloggers need to spend time learning the various features of a blog. By feature, I mean plug-ins and other nuances of setting up a blog. 

Not Using Proper Formatting In Posts 

Not using proper formatting in a blog post is something that new bloggers should avoid doing. The right format makes a blog post more presentable and easy to read. It can go a long way in attracting the target audiences. Simple things like breaking the clog posts are a must. Break it into small paragraphs that are no more than 2-3 sentences long.

Making use of appropriate headings and sub-headings can improve blog formatting. New bloggers should also make sure that they focus on a single topic in a blog post. Ensure to proofread it before uploading it. Do include external links in blogs. It is important when you give some statistical details in the blog post. This way, it helps to enhance its authenticity. 

Many new bloggers are unaware of the importance of utilizing SEO strategies. They need to invest time and effort in performing keyword searches. Ignoring these aspects can impact the Google search rankings of the blog. It also makes it difficult to find.

These factors also play a prime role to create content preferred by Google. Pay attention to SEO and keyword search while creating blog posts. It ensures higher traffic generation. Also, it helps to increase the number of followers by a significant margin. 

Not Promoting The Blog On Social Media 

Promoting the blog on the right platforms is essential. It is a must for attracting the target audiences and ensuring its success. In this context, social media platforms (SMP) have come to play an important role. SMP offers the most convenient and effective way of engaging the target audiences.

A large % of the population spends a significant time on various social media channels. What if you fail to leverage the opportunity to reach the greatest target audiences? It may prove damaging for bloggers. You must understand that bloggers do not need to promote their blogs on every social media channel. They should focus on a few that are most relevant to the purpose of their blog. 

 Not Taking Advantage Of Guest Posts 

Not Building An Email List 

Building a comprehensive email list helps bloggers. It ensures that their followers stay updated about any new posts they upload. It is also critical to maintaining a steady stream of visitors. In reality, it will prove beneficial while promoting the blog online.

Email lists also provide bloggers with a unique opportunity to communicate. They can interact with their followers and build a relationship of trust with them. What is the best way to start building an email list? Bloggers can offer free content to targeted users in exchange for their email id. 

Not Responding To User Feedback

New bloggers must ensure, to respond to user feedback via comments at the earliest. Bloggers must ensure to respond to both positive and negative feedback from readers. 

This interactive method of blogging helps bloggers win the trust of their readers. Besides, it helps them and gives a better understanding of their interests and preferences. It will help to create content that the readers find more interesting and appealing. It will encourage readers to refer to the blog posts within their groups and circles. 


Setting up a successful blog that is also profitable takes time. It needs constant effort for the bloggers. Avoiding the above-discussed mistakes can speed up the process. It will help the bloggers build a well-loved blog with increased numbers of followers. Avoiding the mistakes will establish their authenticity as professional bloggers. It means the ones committed to offering high-quality content matching user interests. 

What mistakes you did as a blogger? Feel free to share in the comment section and lets grow together.

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