Book Review of Heartstrings & Harmonies by Manali Desai

Book Review of Heartstrings & Harmonies by Manali Desai – A Compilation of Emotional Tales Woven Around Songs  


Most writers choose to write their books about a specific theme or topic. Many others choose to combine tales revolving around different emotions to create an anthology. As an avid reader, I have enjoyed both these types of books. But I had not come across a book that includes multiple emotional tales each of which is connected to a song.

Manali Desai has combined the two most loved themes to create a unique collection that offers a great reading experience. Heartstrings & Harmonies is a lyrical journey of love, hope, friendship, and much more.   

Premise: Heartstrings & Harmonies

The book comprises 29 short stories and each story is connected to a unique song. The stories have been categorized into four sections, namely Romance, Friendship, Hope, and Revelation. The introductory lines of the relevant song are provided in Hindi at the beginning of the story along with their English translation. The book creates an audio-visual experience as the readers imagine the specific song playing in their minds while reading the story and establishing the connection between the two. They experience a wide range of emotions that form the joys and sorrows of life and everything in between.  

Who Should Read It: Heartstrings & Harmonies

The book is intended for readers passionate about both reading and music. It celebrates the universal language of music by connecting it with an emotional tale that the readers can relate to. The book is a great read for people seeking a respite from everyday stress and anxiety. 

Writing Style:  Heartstrings & Harmonies

The author has written the book with a special focus on creating a symphony of words and music. The musical theme acts as an anchor and emotional catalyst that inspires the readers to do some introspection. Her skillful use of words and phrases helps to strike a chord with the readers. The narratives she has crafted and her manner of presenting them provide insight into the intricate human life and emotions. 

The cover page design matches the title perfectly and features the cartoon image of a couple holding hands on a balcony, with notes of music floating above their hands. 

Final Verdict: Heartstrings & Harmonies

Heartstrings & Harmonies is a relaxing book that makes for a quick read and leaves a smile on the face of the readers. I recommend the book to every music and reading enthusiast and give it a rating of 4.5/5.