Roaring Tigress: Mohini’s Unyielding Journey

Roaring Tigress: Mohini’s Unyielding Journey

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Mohini had never imagined that her life, which once felt like a fairy tale, would turn into a nightmare. Born into a wealthy family, she was accustomed to comfort and security. Her father was one such person who never pushed anything on her and allowed her to do what she wanted, be it her learning fashion designing, textile designing, or driving right after she turned 18.

Mohini was indeed a beautiful young girl in college, and her marriage to the man she loved at the tender age of 22 seemed like the beginning of a beautiful journey. 

 A few years went by, and she gave birth to her son. There was always a hunger within her to do something of her own, and her husband Suhas funded her for her small venture tailoring business, she started operating from her in-laws’ place with a dedicated team. But somehow, the venture failed to prosper and closed down within a year. Mohini was an unstoppable lady, and she started one more venture, and that was her boutique. This time, the fund provider was her permanent genie, her dad. It went well for about a year, but due to no cooperation from the in-law’s side, it also faced the same destiny. 

In between, Mohini lost her father due to a severe heart attack, and she slipped into depression. Her health deteriorated, and she was bedridden. With god’s grace, she overcame depression. But as years passed, cracks began to appear in the facade of her marital bliss. 

Mohini started sensing something was not right, but what was that remained unclear to her. Suhas was fond of a colorful life and wished to have his business in the USA and explore the market. He kept visiting there at regular intervals without his family. During this period, a daughter was born to this couple, and Mohini felt that things were getting normal and somehow, Suhas would not get provoked to have business overseas. Mohini was never interested in staying abroad, and leaving her country. But, Suhas’s intention was something else, and he took Mohini and the kids on a trip to the USA. That was a life-changing episode in Mohini’s life.

Her husband’s infidelity shattered her world. Mohini discovered that he had been cheating on her with multiple women, betraying the vows they had solemnly taken. The realization hit her hard, leaving her torn between her love for him and the deep sense of betrayal. But, looking at the kids and their future, Mohini made every possible effort to bring Suhas back on track to lead a decent life with the family he owns. She was disappointed to see that his parents were not supportive of her even after knowing the dark side of their son. Suhas was adamant about moving to the USA, and that too alone. He wished to marry another woman there for a green card and settle permanently.

Amid her emotional turmoil, Mohini made the brave decision to seek a divorce. However, her journey towards independence was far from easy. With her father gone and her mother initially unsupportive, Mohini felt alone in her battle for freedom. But her inner strength propelled her forward. Suhas was not ready to give a divorce to Mohini, because he would have to provide alimony and maintenance for the kids. He gave a weird proposal to Mohini. He asked her to stay in his house as his Ex-wife to take care of his parents, and he will keep sending money. On the other side, he will be staying with his new wife in the USA. 

Mohini’s initial reaction to Suhas proposal was like a shock, and she was in complete disbelief that once she loved this man. The audacity of his suggestion left her speechless, a mix of anger and helplessness swirling within her. How could he possibly expect her to agree to such a demeaning proposal? As she processed the meaning of his proposal, a wave of pain shook her from within.

The sheer disrespect he displayed towards her, as well as towards their marriage vows, fueled her moral respect. Mohini, refused to be a mere caretaker, overlooking her rights as a wife while her husband was in the mood to escape to another country with his new partner. Her mother initially requested her to accept this proposal as Mohini was jobless and financially incompetent to take care of her kids and herself. But the tigress in her roared for her rights, and she filed for divorce. She demanded custody of her kids as she knew their future was not safe with the father.

When the divorce proceedings were in process, she looked for job opportunities, and one of her friends, with her source, made her entry into a content writing firm. She gave her heart to this job and learned the ABCD of content development without losing focus on the divorce process. She got ditched by her lawyer. The lawyer got paid hefty by Suhas to delay the proceeding and to show no proof of his infidelity. Mohini changed her lawyer to start fresh, and the fight continued for five years. Thankfully, her mom came as a mental support for her.

Fighting tooth and nail, Mohini emerged victorious in her divorce proceedings, gaining custody of her two precious children along with a one-time full and final payment of alimony and maintenance. With a heavy heart, she bid farewell to the life she had known, determined to carve out a new path for herself and her children.

Stepping into the unfamiliar territory of the workforce, Mohini faced numerous challenges. Her lack of corporate experience made better job hunting daunting, but she refused to surrender. Through sheer determination and perseverance, Mohini found opportunities that allowed her to balance work and motherhood. She started her freelance content development business and expanded with more clients on board. 

Mohini embraced her role as a working single mother with dignity and confidence. She juggled her responsibilities with grace, never letting her circumstances define her. Her unwavering love and devotion kept providing her children the life they deserve. 

A few moments came when the children started feeling the emptiness in their lives because of their father. Schoolmates and society questioned them about the whereabouts of their father. Those moments were painful, but Mohini handled them with grace. She made them understand how to face such questions with confidence. Two young kids grew up as confident and supportive children. 

Mohini diverted her mind to the spiritual world and became a follower of Lord Krishna. She discovered that it was the almighty who stayed constant with her even in the dark moments of life. Meditation gave her needed calmness, and Mohini kept spreading her wings. She is now the founder of a content development firm and a proud entrepreneur. Mohini is now offering platforms to many to earn a good living as her employees.

Now in her late 40s, Mohini reflects on her journey with a mix of pride and gratitude. Despite the hardships she endured, Mohini emerged stronger and more resilient than ever. Her children, now grown, are her greatest source of joy and motivation.

Though scars from the past remain, Mohini has learned to cherish the present and look toward the future with hope. She knows that life may throw unexpected challenges her way, but she also knows, that she possesses the strength and courage to overcome them. As she watches her children flourish into remarkable individuals, she knows that every trial and tribulation is worth it, for it gifted her this moment of success and contentment.

My words(Samata): 

On the personal request of the protagonist of this story, I have not mentioned her real name. How do I know her, and how is she connected with me? I met her some 10-11 years back. At that time, I was a newcomer content writer in the industry. We connected through a platform named Skill Pages. She was looking for the right candidate, and I was looking for more clients. Started as a client, and now she has become my elder sister. You can call her my buddy also. I witnessed her pain, agony, stress, depression, and even happiness. I am proud of her…. she is a tigress, and she roared. On this women’s day, it’s my tribute to her for being an inspiration for many women who still stay in bad marriages, for their kids’ future, and overlook self-respect. Find the Mohini in you and roar for your self respect and keep inspiring many more.

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