Library Legends: A Tale of Three Book Racks

Library Legends: A Tale of Three Book Racks

In one of the posh cities of India, there was a central library with a mammoth collection of books. Readers of all tastes and preferences visit this library to read good books. The readers visiting the library are mostly school and college students.

But book loving working professionals, and especially people from the literary world who wish to satisfy their reader’s soul besides relaxing their minds while reading are also the members of this library.

The entire library was divided into different segments based on the genres, new releases, and popularity, and a segment dedicated to national and international award-winning books.

One day after the day’s closing of the library in the cozy corners of the hall brewed a lively debate among three distinctive segments of books— the Bestseller Rack, the Debutante Book Rack, and the Prestigious Literary Award Winners Rack.

Each segment was trying to put their point to ensure they get the coveted title of the most beloved by readers. The book committee decided to find which segment is the most loved among readers and from which segment the maximum number of books are picked by readers.

The Bestseller Rack, adorned with glossy covers and enticing titles, boasted its ability to captivate readers with thrilling plots and unforgettable characters. “We are the epitome of literary indulgence,” proclaimed a mystery novel from the rack, “Readers can’t resist our pages filled with suspense and intrigue!” That’s true. It proves why these books got the prestigious tag of best sellers from reputed online book-selling stores like Amazon.

After hearing this, the Debutante Book Rack, adorned with fresh and promising titles, chimed in with enthusiasm. How can this section of books keep quiet? They made every possible effort to bring their talent into the limelight with their first-ever book?

“Ah, but we offer something unique and fresh,” declared one debut novel proudly, “Readers get drawn to our innovative storytelling and fresh perspectives. We represent the future of literature!” It is true, and readers also cannot ignore it. Many debutant authors bring new angles in different genres with their creative thought processes and talent.

Not to be outdone, the Prestigious Literary Award Winners Rack, adorned with badges of honor and adorned with laurels, spoke up with quiet confidence.

“While bestsellers and debuts may have their charm,” remarked a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, “It is our depth and artistry that truly resonates with discerning readers. Our words leave a lasting impact on hearts and minds.” Every reader across generations will accept that they love reading books from this segment for its excellent contribution to the literary world.

The discussion continued long, as every rack had its share of points to present its superiority. No one noticed that the entire night passed in this discussion. All racks got alerted when they heard the sound of the gate opening of the library. It was already 10 AM, and the librarian entered the hall to start the day.

As the debate continued in whispering voice, readers wandered through the aisles, each drawn to different segments of the library. Some got attracted towards the glamorous appeal of the Bestseller Rack, eager for an adrenaline-fueled escape. Others found themselves intrigued by the promise of discovery in the Debutante Book Rack, looking for new voices and fresh perspectives.

And then some sought solace and enlightenment among the pages of the Prestigious Literary Award Winners Rack, craving the depth and resonance of timeless classics.

Each book from every rack observed the readers’ activities and choice of books in the library across the day, keeping the discussion on halt for the remaining part of the day. The library time ended at 7 P.M, and the librarian closed the door after putting the lights off.

Across the day, many readers came and read books sitting in the library. Few of them discussed books with other fellow readers and book lovers. The books on the rack and in the hands of readers enjoyed listening to them in silence. It was an enchanting moment for each book present in the library.

In the end, it became clear that each segment held its unique charm and appeal, catering to the diverse tastes and preferences of the readers. The way the library bustled with activity the entire day, it was evident that there was room for all, for in the world of books, every story has its unique place in the hearts of those who seek them.

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