Book Review of Devi: The Mystery of Kolkata Murders

Book Review of Devi: The Mystery of Kolkata Murders – An Edge of the Seat Thriller Penned by Prasun Roy 


Murder mysteries often revolve around the theme of unrequited love or justice undelivered. There are rarely any such books that highlight the prevailing social issues without deviating from the thrill and suspense of the story.

However, Devi: The Mystery of Kolkata Murders proves to be an exception. Penned by Prasun Roy, the book is a nail-biting thriller that also tries to address some social issues. 

PremiseDevi: The Mystery of Kolkata Murders

Business tycoon Durgacharan Mahesh, who had fled the country, is being extradited to India from Spain. However, mere days before his arrival, his brother-in-law, Vasudev Patel, is murdered. The only clue the investigators have is the word DEVI, written in blood beside the body of Vasudev. Little do they know that this murder marks the beginning of a series of brutal crimes that will leave them baffled. A tainted and suspended police inspector, Arun Patil, is found to be linked with the crimes, while his estranged friend Jai is investigating them. A reporter, Savitri, who loves Arun, also becomes involved in the mystery. Meanwhile, the perpetrator keeps an eye on the police investigation from the shadows. 

Character Development: Devi: The Mystery of Kolkata Murders

The author has ensured that every character in the book is well developed. It makes the characters more realistic and also adds depth to the story. Each crime reveals something new about the eviction and the perpetrator. The characters of Arun, Jai, and Savitri establish a sense of emotional connection with the readers. They understand the stress, the emotional turmoil, and the feeling of fear that these characters experience. 

Plot:  Devi: The Mystery of Kolkata Murders

The events of the book happen in Kolkata during the celebration of the festival of Durga Puja. Each crime is executed on a specific day during the festival, establishing a strange connection with the auspicious celebrations. The various twists in the plot keep the readers on the edge of their seats till the end. The author has done a wonderful job of revealing the darkness prevalent in the labyrinths of Kolkata’s underworld and the workings of the police department. 

Writing Style:  Devi: The Mystery of Kolkata Murders

The author has woven an intricate story into an engaging book. He has managed to tie the various elements of the plot into a thrilling rollercoaster ride for the readers. The gripping narrative and the use of flawless language further enhance the readability of the book. 

The cover page design matches the title perfectly and features the image of an idol of the goddess Durga, typically found in the puja pandals across Kolkata. 

Final Verdict: Devi: The Mystery of Kolkata Murders

Devi is an exciting murder mystery that sends a chill down the spine of the readers without leaving a sense of distaste in their minds. I recommend the book to every mystery level and give it a rating of 4.5/5.

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