Book Review of Falling In and Out by Nishant Prakash

Book Review of Falling In and Out by Nishant Prakash – A Story of Love, Friendship, and Time Travel!


If one were to ponder, time travel is all about getting and giving second chances. I personally believe that the concept of time travel is both exciting and frightening. Hence, I am not surprised that it has fascinated authors from different genres and inspired them to write compelling tales.

Author Nishant Prakash has used this concept in his latest book Falling In and Out. So, get set to enjoy a thrilling journey across different timelines.     

Premise – Falling In and Out

Neil, Paakhi, and Waheed are childhood friends. Somehow, Waheed always finds himself shadowed by Neil. Since, he lives with his abusive father, Waheed believes that it is his destiny to never get what he wants. Destiny betrays him once again when he learns that Paakhi and Neil love each other.  But years later, a fateful event leads Paakhi to commit suicide.

Waheed, blames Neil for her death and in his fit fi rage, pushes him over the terrace wall of the building. However, Neil wakes up in another timeline, and finds Paakhi well and alive. Despite his best efforts to change the future, Neil fails and suffers an almost similar fate. He continues making these time jumps and trying to rectify things with Paakhi and Waheed. Will Neil be able to change his destiny and the destiny of those he loves? Where will these time jumps lead him and till when, is what forms the rest of the story.

Character Development – Falling In and Out

Nishant Prakash deserves praise for presenting the characters realistically. The way Neils character is revealed through anecdotes at the beginning of each chapter is quite interesting. Similarly, the characters of Paakhi and Waheed have also been developed with great attention to detail. This adds to the readability of the book and helps the readers connect with the characters.

PlotFalling In and Out

 The book tells the story of Neil and his relationship with his two closest friends in various timelines. It is an emotional and thrilling roller coaster ride with interesting twists. The story explores the concepts of friendship, love, jealousy, and betrayal through time travel.

Writing Style: Falling In and Out

The book is narrated in first person by the main protagonist Neil. This seems logical as he is the one making all the time jumps in the story. the language is easy, and the flow is smooth. The author has managed to retain the novelty of the story across different timelines. This is despite the fact that in each timeline, Neil meets a similar end.

The cover page is simple yet beautifully designed. However, it does not offer any insight into the book’s theme.

Final Verdict: Falling In and Out

Falling In and Out is a unique and entertaining book. I loved it thoroughly and give it a rating of 4.0/5.

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