Manifestation- Enlighten Your Life

Manifestation- How It Can Enlighten Your Life with Positivity

People at global platform started accepting the power of manifestation. Both celebrities and common people are using it to create a positive change in their lives. It encourages growth and welcome positivity in life. With manifestation, people feel in control over their life and future.

The concept of manifestation is not new. However, people were mostly unaware of its power before 2006. That was when Australian TV producer-turned-author Rhonda Byrne’s self-help book, The Secret was published. The book established the fact that achieving  anything through manifestation.  It impacted the lives of many people across the globe. It allowed them to enjoy a life of their choice and preference. 

The concept gained popularity with support of numerous celebrities. These include Will Smith, Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, and many more. It gave birth to various manifestation practices followed by people globally. These majorly cover positive thinking and gratitude an integral part of life.

Manifestation – what exactly it means ?

Manifestation is one of the 12 universal laws of Hermetic philosophy. It is established on the belief that an human mind behaves like a magnet. Many scholars compare manifestation with the law of attraction. Power of attraction can help people in achieving their dreams and aspirations.

Simply put, manifestation means willing something to happen through faith and attraction. It takes advantage of the strength of focused thinking to achieve desired reality. Willpower and positive thought process play a significant role to achieve positive outcomes through manifestation. By using this tool, people can shape their experiences in life as per their intention.

It would not be wrong to say that manifestation empowers people to live their lives as they want. It indicates about clear and precise objectives and intention to become a reality. It is achieved via multiple psychological practices and leads to a life of self-discipline. One need to focus his/her thoughts, feelings, and energies on the desired objectives.

 Manifestation – How it functions?

The growing interest of people in manifestation, makes people wonder as to how it works. The technique is based on the concept of “like attracts like”. This essentially means that every thought expressed is returned by the universe with a similar response. So, if people express positive thoughts, the universe responds with positive energy. Similarly, any negative thought is responded to with negative energy.

Thus, when people focus their thoughts, energies, and feelings on a single objective, the universe supports their attempts equally. However, for this process to work, people first need to have a clear visualization of what they want. It is right here were manifestation establish connection with spirituality. Gaining awareness of what they truly want leads people on the path of self-exploration.

One key reason behind why manifestation works is because it frames individual’s behavior and mindset. It identifies individual’s perception about the world and surroundings. Identifying the opportunities that take them a step closer to fulfilling their objectives becomes easier. Thus, manifestation proved to be effective for every aspect in human life.

The 8 Principles of Manifestation

Manifestation helps people attain a higher level of vibration.  Reaching this state is often a long and time-consuming process. However, once this state is attained, it elevates the quality of life in various ways. When done properly, manifestation can help people realize the power of their consciousness. It can then help them breathe life into their dreams and aspirations. The 8 principles of manifestation that can help people change their lives include the following.

Sense of Self-Belief

To attain positive results through manifestation, an individual should have a deep sense of self-belief. This requires people to firmly believe that they can get what they desire. For this, it is essential to rid the mind of any doubt or skepticism. It also involves clearing the mind of any limiting beliefs that can cloud the vision. The sense of self-belief enhances an individual’s power of visualization.

An Appropriate Plan of Action

Visualization is the first step in fulfilling the desired objectives through manifestation. The next step is for individuals to define an appropriate plan of action to fulfill what they have visualized. This may include practicing meditation and connecting with their inner self. It may also involve performing various activities to boost their mood and promote positive thinking. It is also advisable to create and maintain a manifestation journal to keep track of the journey.

Focus on Positive Affirmations

People need to understand that getting rid of negative thoughts is not that simple. However, the key is to acknowledge the presence of such thoughts and energies. At the same time, people should continue pushing themselves towards positive thinking. Adopting the attitude of positive affirmation rather than negative complaining helps bring the desired change. This is ensured by filling their minds with thoughts of love, happiness, joy, and peace. Such thoughts can be forced into the mind by reliving happy moments.

Clearly Visualize What is Desired

To turn any desire into reality, it is important to plant the idea clearly in the mind. This involves clearly visualizing what is desired with a strong feeling of happiness. It is also important to nourish this idea with great enthusiasm, deep love, and unwavering belief. People must have strong faith about their vision to come true. For this, they should practice positive affirmations and choose to immerse themselves in the idea. Only such an approach can help people can change their lives for the better.

Be Humble and Thankful

People should thank the universe for the good things in their life. This helps in enhancing their vibrations and increases their happiness. They should also practice thanking the universe for providing them with the right opportunities. Adopting a humble attitude is yet another way of attracting positive energies. Expressing gratitude for every small success and failure is equally important. Helping others in need also boosts positive energies and creates a cycle of gratitude.

Elevating Their Beliefs

To turn their dreams into reality through manifestation, people need to elevate their beliefs. This is essential to remove any bottlenecks in the flow of positive thoughts and energies.  This requires people to do a thorough introspection of where their current beliefs stemmed from. Finding the roots of their current beliefs is the key to changing them for the better. It helps to eliminate the sense of unworthiness and scarcity that people might be harboring subconsciously.

Learn The Art of Conscious Creation

The above principles empower people to create a desired outcome in their beliefs. Now it is time to make this outcome a reality through the power of proper manifestation. This is ensured by learning the skill of controlling their thoughts. They can then master the art of steering their thoughts and energies in a specific direction. This will not happen overnight, but with time and persistence, it can be achieved. The joy of watching their imagination turn into reality will further boost the conscious creative abilities of people.

Wrapping up

Manifestation is a way to align intent and actualization. Mastering this skill requires both patience and complete faith. That is why its results vary from individual to individual as per their level of involvement.

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