VinzBerry Products For Intimate Selfcare

VinzBerry Products That Made My Self-care Routine More Intimate and Comfortable

Knowing The Brand VinzBerry

VinzBerry is a female-oriented self-care brand focused on addressing their intimate wellness needs. Its products made from natural ingredients, help women feel beautiful, inside out.  The products are designed to specifically meet the hygiene needs of Indian women body type. Made from natural ingredients, They inspire us to love our body with all its flaws.

I have been using VinzBerry products for quite some time. I feel proud to state that these products have changed my perception of self-care. I specifically recommend the following five products. 

VinzBerry Back & Bum Scrub

Until a few months back, my self-care routine was focused on my face and vaginal area. So, when I learned about the VinzBerry Back & Bum Scrub, I was a bit surprised. My definition of back and bun care was to clean them thoroughly while bathing. The idea of using a special product for back and bum had never even crossed my mind. However, after I started using this product, I realized what I had been missing.

About the Back & Bum Scrub

The product is effective in improving the texture of these sensual body parts. It gently exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin cells and helps to improve the skin tone. It also reduces any tan spots and rashes.  It helps remove acne and blackheads and brightens the skin from the inside.

Key Ingredients

The scrub has Willow Bark and polylysine as its active ingredients. They help to nourish and soothe the skin from the inside making it look beautiful. They prove beneficial for lightening the skin and making it softer.

My Experience with the Scrub

I love the scrub as it leaves my back looking flawlessly clean and beautiful. Earlier, I used to have numerous blackheads on my back, which I found difficult to remove. However, there was a visible reduction in blackheads after I applied the scrub 4-5 times. My bum also feels soft and pampered and there is a significant change in its skin tone.

VinzBerry Neck & Back De-Pigmentation Cream

No matter how hard we try, there is always some pigmentation on our neck and back. I, like most other women, took it in my stride as a natural thing. That is until I found the  VinzBerry Neck & Back Depigmentation cream. Having used this product, I can say that getting an even-toned neck and back is just so simple.

About the Depigmentation Cream

The cream brightens the skin from within creating an even tone that looks amazing. It also moisturizes the skin to keep it hydrated.  The cream provides deep nourishment leaving the skin softer and supple.

Key Ingredients

The cream is fortified with the goodness of Kakadu Plum and ferulic Acid. These two active ingredients help in reducing tan lines and pigmentation to create a uniform complexion.  Their antioxidant properties heal the skin from the inside, and it feels rejuvenated.

My Experience with the Cream

I have been using the cream for the past couple of months and my skin never felt better. I love the fact that the skin of my neck and back is the same color as my face. I also love the soft smooth feeling that I get on touching my neck and back. I highly recommend this product to get relief from pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

VinzBerry Hand and Nail Cream

If you have dry, rough hands, then this cream is for you. The VinzBerry Hand and Nail Cream offers the combined benefits of a sanitizer and a moisturizer. It gently cleanses the hands while also keeping them looking beautiful. It has a mild texture and lovely fragrance that leaves the hands smelling fresh.

About the Hand and Nail Cream

The cream’s sanitization properties keep the hands safe and protected. It moisturizes the skin making the hands look soft and supple. Using the cream regularly increases healthy skin cell growth. It enhances nail strength and makes them less brittle.

Key Ingredients

Colloidal Silver and olive extracts are the two main ingredients of this cream. They help in keeping the skin hydrated and nourished. This gives a soft and supple look and feel to the hands. It also makes the nails stronger and reduces the problem of cuticles.

My Experience with the Cream

In recent years, my hands have become dull and dry. This made them look old and even ugly. However, after I started using the Hand and Nail cream from VinzBerry, I experienced an amazing transformation in my hands. The skin on my hands became soft, smooth, and well-hydrated. My nails have also become shiny, and their brittleness has reduced considerably.

VinzBerry Underarms Lightening Mask

I love to wear sleeveless dresses. But sadly, my dark underarms always made me feel embarrassed. Now, thanks to the Underarms lightning mask from VinzBerry, I don’t face this problem anymore. The mask is designed specially to lighten the tone of the skin of underarms. Apply the mask to reduce pigmentation and dark spots effectively. This restores the natural even skin tone of the underarms.

About the Underarm Lightening Mask

The mask helps to gently lighten the sensitive skin of the underarms. It deeply moisturizes the skin and restores the even tone.  It helps to reduce pigmentation and dark patches leaving the skin soft and supple. The mask is also a deodorizer, and its gentle fragrance keeps the underarms smelling fresh.

Key Ingredients

The mask is fortified with Vitamin C and ferulic Acid. The formulation helps to remove any discoloration and pigmentation. It is extremely effective in hydrating the skin. It brightens the skin from within creating an even tone. It nourishes the skin leaving it smooth and healthy.

My Experience with the Mask

I use the mask once a week and its effects are truly amazing. My underarms have become several shades lighter, and the skin is also softer.  The deep hydration also makes my skin feel refreshed. Now, I don’t need to think twice before raising my arms in a sleeveless attire.

Wrapping Up

VinzBerry self-care products are truly effective and safe. They are relatively affordable compared to products from other brands. More importantly, they offer the best value for money. Just try these products yourself and experience the difference. The visible results will surely motivate you to follow a more regular self-care routine.