Book Review of Book Of Panacea by Anubhuti Bhardwaj

Book Review of Book Of Panacea by Anubhuti Bhardwaj – A Beautiful Collection Of Uniquely Themed Poems


Poetry is a genre that helps the readers to relax. It helps them to connect with their inner selves. The unique appeal of poetic verses attracts people from all age groups. Most poets prefer to write romantic poems. However, many others focus on different subjects.

Author Anubhuti  Bhardwaj belongs to the latter category. Her latest book of poems named “Book of Panacea” covers a wide range of topics and issues.

Book Premise – Book Of Panacea

As mentioned before, the book is a collection of poems. The poems express the different emotions of people as they face the challenges of life. The author has mainly focused on addressing the issues of pain, longing, shelter, and self-esteem. Every poem included in the book is unique and deeply impactful. At the same time, it also offers some wisdom to the readers. There are both short and long poems in the collection. Still, each poem weaves an exclusive tale. The readers can relate to the realistic sentiments expressed through the poems.

Writing Style – Book Of Panacea

The author has used repetition and rhyming to add to the elegance and power of the poems. The poems are composed in both first-person and second-person narrative. The book also includes quotes and sayings from famous authors and publishers. The use of moderate vocabulary makes understanding the poems easier. Moreover, the smooth flow and the unique topics further enhance the readability of the book.

Poems That Touched My HeartBook Of Panacea

Even though every poem in the book is inspiring, I liked some slightly more than the others. The poems from the collection that I loved the most include the following.

Lotus For God

The poem is about a newly bloomed lotus flower that is destined to be used for worshipping God. I loved the poem because it reflects our uncertainty about life and destiny. Like the lotus flower, we are waiting for things to unfold and guide us towards our destiny.


This is a poem about an individual’s struggle for acceptance in a new setting. It describes how people become willing to sacrifice their culture and beliefs and do unwanted things to feel accepted. It highlights the frustration building inside such people and their need to protect their loved ones.


This poem touched me on a personal level. Like countless other people, it expressed my desire to be approved. I could relate to the emotion that despite all my best efforts, nothing is ever good enough. The fact that people often manipulate others who desperately seek their approval is beautifully expressed.

Pain of Separation

The poem expresses the pain people feel when someone close to them dies suddenly. It narrates the sense of loss especially when the death is unexpected. It talks about the victorious souls of warriors who lost their lives in a battle. Despite being somewhat poignant, I found the poem extremely inspiring.

Cage Of Emotions

As the title suggests, this poem describes how people are trapped in various emotions. These include the pain of loss, love, and fear that people experience every day. It talks about how these emotions impact people and also about how they become a part of their lives.

Final Verdict:  Book Of Panacea

Like her first book, Anubhuti’s second book of poems is also quite scintillating and thought-provoking. I loved reading it and give it a rating of 4.5/5.