Book Review: Mystery of the Kingdom of Shadows by Sachi Koul

Book Review: Mystery of the Kingdom of Shadows by Sachi Koul – A Journey to the world of Fantasy


Fantasy and being precise, Children’s Fantasy remained one such genre that managed to win people’s hearts across ages. The reasons are innocence and simplicity in the stories that make readers smile and enjoy in a stress-free manner. Reading fantasy can help to stimulate the creative sense and even boost the vocabulary in children.

But what if the fantasy book is by a young author studying in standard 6? Isn’t that what makes the reading more interesting, and appealing for an adult reader? My latest read was a book titled Mystery of the Kingdom of Shadows by Sachi Koul. It’s a wonderful fantasy story. You will love to read and narrate it to your young members at home.

Premise: Mystery of the Kingdom of Shadows

The captivating story of three siblings taking on the role of guardians for the Nexus Library will get revealed in Mystery of the Kingdom of Shadows. They embark on an amazing and fascinating journey where they encounter witches, dark magic, and terrible spirits while also learning secrets. In this fantastical and mysterious journey, kids learn how to contribute to good triumphing over evil. 

Character development: Mystery of the Kingdom of Shadows

Sachi Koul has done a brilliant job presenting each character in the book in an appealing way. Three siblings Sarah, James, and Lily, from Eldermoor, are equally funny, magical, and loveable. The most adorable and interesting character for me was Lily, because of her optimistic and compassionate nature. Although the characters are young kids, there is depth in their thought process. It can help young kids visualize the responsibility they have towards society. The character of Queen Elowen is also developed and presented in a creative way which will keep a reader hooked till the end.

Plot: Mystery of the Kingdom of Shadows

The three young siblings set out on a mission to save the Kingdom of Shadows/Light as they were chosen as the Guardian of Nexus. They need to take a path full of obstacles and hardships. But they stood strong against all odds in the journey as their only target was to turn the Kingdom of Shadows back into the Kingdom of Light from the hands of the evils.

Will this adventurous journey taste the flavor of success? It’s the story of struggles to bring goodness back to the Kingdom of Queen Elowen. The book is full of adventure, thrill, suspense, magic and whatnot. Every element of fantasy is present in the story, to keep one hooked till the end.

Writing Style: Mystery of the Kingdom of Shadows


Oh! What should I say about the Kiddo author of this book? Sachi is brilliant in presenting an immersive combination of fantasy and moral story through this book. She holds an excellent command of writing skill with the right choice of vocabulary and characterization. The author knows how to keep the readers hooked till the end with a smile on their faces. A round of applause for the editor of this book for bringing the fine touch to the whole read.

Final Verdict: Mystery of the Kingdom of Shadows

Mystery of the Kingdom of Shadows is a must-read book for fantasy lovers, especially young readers who love fantasy with morals. I give it a rating of 5/5. My best wishes to Sachi, and I am waiting for the next sequel of this series.