Sachi Koul- The Young Author From Ghaziabad

Sachi Koul is a bubbly girl from Ghaziabad and is undoubtedly one of the upcoming multi-talents of India. I witnessed her writing skills long back during the Lockdown period.

Her expressions are genuine and will make one think as to how she is so creative at this young age. I am fortunate to have her for this session.

Hello Sachi, Welcome to this interview session. Before we go ahead, we will insist you to say something about you, your family, and your life in school.

Hello mam. Thank you for this opportunity. I am Sachi Koul from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. My roots belong to Kashmir. I am currently in 6th standard and follow reading and writing as my passion.

Talking about my family, we’re three people, my mother, my father and me. I feel I’m incomplete without them. They are extremely supportive and they’re with me in my whole journey.

And my life in school is really fun-filled and full of learning. I am surrounded by my great teachers and good friends there.

Sachi, I personally know that you are very talented both in writing and creative work. But how come the idea of publishing your book came to your mind?

Mystery of the kingdom of shadows – is the title of your book. Can you give my readers a brief about what story is all about?

Mystery of kingdom of shadows unfolds an enchanting tale of three siblings becoming the guardians of the nexus library. They go on a wonderful and magical adventure, facing dark magic, evil spirits, witches and finding secrets. It is a mix of fantasy and mystery where they discover their role in helping to ensure the victory of good over evil.

Who are your favorite authors and why?

Well, my favorite authors are “Elisabetta Dami, Roald Dahl, Jeff Kinney, and J.K Rowling as each author makes their book interesting in a unique way. This makes their book adventurous, magical, and full of fantasy. I never get tired of reading their books since each author has a unique way of making reading a delightful experience.

How did the plot of this story come to your mind?

The idea of my book popped into my head when I imagined a magical adventure. I wanted three siblings to go on a cool journey, facing challenges and discovering secrets.


When it comes to writing, who is that person in your life who inspired you the most to        write?

Not a single person, but every part of my life inspires me to write. I feel writing is the best way to capture my life and thoughts as memories.

 What do you want to be in life professionally and why?

I want to become a successful investment banker because I love math and also want to help to make more money.

How many days did you actually take to prepare the first draft of the book?

Editing is an important part of making a book read good for the readers. So, who helped with the editing for your book?

My aunt, who is also an author, helped me a lot with the editing for my book. She even gave me some ideas for the story of my book

How did you feel when you got to see your name printed on the book?

It felt amazing g to see my name on the book. I felt proud and really happy. It is like a dream come true knowing that something I made is now a real book that people can read.

Who is your best critique?

My best critiques are my parents as they always challenges me to be better.

Are you planning to write more books? When can we expect them in the market?

Yes, I am planning to write the second part of mystery of kingdom of shadows. I have not started working on it yet but I will start soon. I can’t provide an exact release date but it will probably release next year in the month of October- November.

Who is that person who helps you when you are confused in the middle of your story plot and clueless about the next episode of your story?

My aunt is that person who helped me a lot in the making and editing of this book or whenever I was confused and clueless about the next episode of my story.

What as per you can be the qualities of a good writer?

As per me a good writer tells stories or shares information in a way that’s easy to understand and interesting. They like getting better, listen to advice, and work hard.

One secret about you which many are still unaware of?

I am scared of staying all alone.

What are your passions in life?

I am very passionate about dancing, reading and writing. These three activities are my best friends in all situations.

Describe Sachi the author in one line.

I think Sachi, the author, believes in the magic-mystery side of world and her pen says it all.