A Dive into the World of Mona Lisa : An Enchanting Conversation with Leonardo da Vinci

A dive into the world of Mona Lisa : An enchanting conversation with Leonardo da Vinci

Remembering my Europe trip in 2019, I was turning the pages of my album, and my eyes stopped on one picture we clicked in the Musee du Louvre in Paris. What’s in that pic that forced me to stare for so long? Me and my husband smiling while focusing on the selfy-cam at the backdrop of the famous Monalisa Painting. It was a thrilling experience to witness this historic painting.

Leonardo da Vinci painted the Monalisa somewhere between 1503 and 1519. I am confident that he would have never imagined that his iconic painting would hang someday under security in the French museum and behind the bulletproof glass some five centuries later.I used to ask my mom, who remained a teacher of history, about what exactly inspired Leonardo to paint Monalisa. She narrated to me the life and works of Leonardo. But what prompted him to go for this painting was not answered satisfactorily. I used to dream if I got a chance to be in that era of Monalisa, I would have interviewed Lenardo to discover his intentions, experiences, and feelings surrounding the painting.

My voice was shivering in utmost happiness. I said, ” Hello Sir, If not wrong, you are the great Liona do da Vinci.” Perhaps he understood my eagerness to know him better from my voice…..

He gave a faint smile and said, ” Let me correct you lady, it’s Leonardo da Vinci, not Liona do da Vinci. Yes, I am the one you named. “

Me: My apologies, Sir! Greetings of the day from a fan of yours, who traveled back in your era from the 21st Century with a hidden intention.

Leonardo da Vinci: Ah, greetings! It’s an honor to talk with you, dear Dame. What’s your intention? I am curious to know, and please call me Leonardo and not Sir.

Me: It’s truly a pleasure to speak with you. I’ve always been attracted by your work, particularly the Monalisa. Hey Leonardo, what inspired you to paint such an iconic masterpiece?

Leonardo da Vinci: Oh! Let me correct you again. It’s not Monalisa it’s Mona Lisa. The Mona Lisa, yes. She is one of my unique creations, for sure. I got commissioned to paint a portrait of Lisa del Giocondo. She was the wife of a wealthy Florentine merchant. Yet, what motivated me to move ahead was beyond a simple commission. As an artist, I made an effort to capture more than just her physical appearance.

Me: What do you mean by capturing more than her physical appearance?

Leonardo da Vinci: Well, my intention was not only to convey her likeness but also, feminity, her soul. I delved into the intricacies of human expression. I experimented with the beauty of light and shadow to create a lifelike, enigmatic look. The Mona Lisa was my way of representing feminine beauty, transcending mere portraiture.

Me: Leonardo, the mysterious smile of the Mona Lisa looks so captivating. How did you manage to create that sense of mystery?

Leonardo da Vinci: Ah, the smile! I will call it a brilliant result of meticulous observation with technique. I observed the subtle interplay of muscles near the lips and the eyes. As an artist, I aimed to capture the elusive nature of emotions. With sfumato, a technique of blending colors and tones, I created a soft transition between light and shadow, creating an ethereal quality that adds to the mystique.

Me: It feels great to know how much thought and skill went into the painting. Were there any specific thoughts or feelings you experienced while working on the Mona Lisa?

Leonardo da Vinci: Of course, my dear Dame! As an artist, I found immense joy in the process of creation and the exploration of human form. While working on the Mona Lisa, I remained engrossed in my pursuit to understand the essence of beauty, the beauty of expression, and the enigmas of life. It was a meditative experience, allowing me to push the boundaries of artistic expression.

Me: Your dedication to your craft is truly inspiring, and that’s why even modern artists in our era get inspired by you. The Mona Lisa continues to captivate people across the centuries. Is there anything else you’d like to share about your artistic vision? Any special significance to the Mona Lisa?

Leonardo da Vinci: Art, dear Dame, is a reflection of the soul and a means of expressing the profound mysteries of existence. The Mona Lisa is a testament to the beauty that lies in the pursuit of knowledge, the exploration of the human spirit, and the relentless quest for perfection. I hope those who study her find inspiration and a connection to the timeless aspects of the human experience.

Me: Thank you, Leonardo, for sharing your insights. Your artistic legacy and the Mona Lisa will undoubtedly continue to inspire generations to come. Can I see Mona Lisa before I say goodbye and depart to my era?

Leonardo da Vinci: Oh! dear Dame, your wish is my command. Turn back.

Hearing the deep voice of Leonardo da Vinci, I turned back and Oh! Man. The beauty is right there with that mysterious smile on her face. I felt mesmerized by her beauty and about to thank Leonardo for this opportunity when a sharp voice transported me back to the real world.

My baby, crying for the milk, disrupting my conversation with the charismatic artist Leonardo da Vinci. I missed saying goodbye, but what I conversed with him was priceless for me. In my journey across time, the inspirational story of Mona Lisa and her creator, Leonardo da Vinci, opened up a new perspective on this famous painting.

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