A Sneak Peak of My Reading Goals and Resolutions 2024

A Sneak Peak of My Reading Goals and Resolutions 2024

With the arrival of the new year, what is the one thing that remained constant in my life? It’s my love for books. It gives me that needed comfort, satisfaction, and pleasure that perhaps no one else can give me. So, what are my Reading Goals And Resolutions for 2024? Any guesses? Let’s Begin.

Resolutions that I mentioned in my Vision Board also:

1. I want to be part of the maximum bookish Bloghops in 2024. And that started with BOOKISH LEAGUE, hosted by my dear friend and book buddy Ritu Bindra. It will be a year-long activity with a bookish post every month. So there will be more reading and writing on books. The best post gets rewarded every month. Isn’t that exciting?

2. I have been planning to start a blog hop, and finally, in January 2024, I hosted my first blog hop @bookishcafe2024 with my long-term bookish buddy and distant friend, Rakhi Jayashankar. It will be a 6-month long blog hop, with one post each every month on a given bookish theme. The hop will continue till June 2024 before declaring the winners. So a reason for more reading and more writing on books.

3. Next is the TBR Challenge hosted by one of my favorite bookish communities @Blogchatter. I witnessed a growth in my reading habits with my friend Blogchatter. The community offers you that needed kick that encourages you to read more. Last year, for the TBR challenge, I set my bracket at 40 reads but ended up reading more than that, and hugs to team Blogchatter for helping me cross my set bar. In 2024, the target increased by five more books and set the bracket at 45 books. 

 I am not part of any other reading challenges for 2024, as I read at my own pace with my own choice of books, but recommendations are always welcome. I always trust my bookish reviewer community to know what new books are in the market, and their reviews are eye-openers to decide which book to pick and what not. 

What new will I try in 2024 when it comes to reading?

Spiritual or Religious books

I always say that I am not a spiritual person, but that doesn’t mean I am not in favour of religious gestures and celebrations. I respect spirituality and puja archanas in my way. I am keen to explore different belief systems. Spiritual books can be a way to gain insights into various traditions and perspectives. I am eyeing for 3 books in this segment to read.

1. AN OAK TREE IN THE GARDEN: Exploring the world of Zen by 

2. Dwapar Katha: The Stories of the Mahabharata by Sudipta Bhawmik

3. Ayodhya Ram Temple and Hindu Renaissance by Subramanian Swamy 

Murder Mystery/ Thriller/ Suspense

By this time, you all know I am a big sucker for this genre. Imagining my life without a single read in this category is like stopping my breath. I love to work on my reasoning skills to identify the culprit in a mystery involved, and books in these genres are the best to sharpen my skills. Books I wish to read this year in this segment are:

1. The Mussoorie Murders by Divyaroop Bhatnagar 

2. The Highway Murders By Sourabh Mukherjee

3. Bad Summer People by Emma Rosenblum 


I remain curious to know the life stories of the people, especially the celebrities from different segment industries. A few are inspirational, and few are not so loved by society or controversial but still offer some life lessons to people. I enjoy reading Biography/Autobiography and I want to read the following:

1. Sourav Ganguly: Cricket, Captaincy and Controversy By Saptarshi Sarkar

2. Rekha: The Untold Story By Yasser Usman

3. Agatha Christie: A Life from Beginning to End (Biographies of British Authors) by Hourly History

Are you confused if the above genres will be the ones, that I will read this year? If so, then you got it wrong. The above will be my priority reads, but beyond that, I would love to read plenty of Children’s books, self-help books, and Travelogues. If you wish to refer to some genres and books I should read then do share your recommendations. I would love to read them. So, that is all from me about my Reading goals and Resolutions (including reading and writing).

I’m participating in the #TBRChallenge by Blogchatter.