Discovering The Mantra Of Good Night Sleep

Discovering The Mantra Of Good Night Sleep

“Your future depends on your dreams, so go to sleep.” – Mesut Barazany.

A few months back, on a restless moon night, I was getting ready to welcome my dear friend Sleep to pamper me with love. I could sense her presence, but still, she was playing hide and seek with me, making my dreams hard to come. Her disappearance made me feel tired, exhausted, and perhaps unhappy.

 I was desperate that night to talk to her. I wished to know what made her leave me alone every night. I thought about starting a peculiar conversation with my vagabond companion, Sleep. The clock on the wall ticked away the hours. I felt the silence in my dimly lit room. I turned and looked at my baby’s face, an angelic one with so much peace, sleeping by my side, holding me tight. I smiled and then turned on my back, staring at the ceiling as my mind danced between fragments of thoughts.

The shadows cast by the moon made me desperate again to meet Sleep that night. Sleep was all in the mood to play hide-and-seek with me that day. She was moving around the corners of my consciousness like a baby to make me tired but never fully getting close to me.

I was hesitant to break the silence but somehow started the conversation, “Why are you so missing in my life, dear Sleep? I have been waiting for you for so long, yet you are playing hide and seek with me.”

Aha! My dear friend Sleep just responded in a whisper. I felt the gentle breeze creating waves on the curtains. “I arrive at the moment when you expect me the least. I help my friends to weave colorful dreams like medleys in the mind. But tonight, your thoughts are like a twister. Your search for me was so desperate that I find it quite challenging to ignore and so I am here to answer.”

I giggled, “Twister indeed. My mind is a garden of ideas. It holds memories and reflections of my life. Why do you not help me find some tranquillity in this chaos?”

Sleep again responded in a melodious voice and whispered in my ears, “I can only offer comfort if you wish to allow me. It’s time to release the worries, my friend. Come and untangle the memories of the day. Now it’s time to remember the good things that changed you, making you fall in love with your life. I want you to surrender to the tranquility I bring. Love yourself. Thank the Universe for all that you have in life. Gratitude is important my dear, as that makes you optimistic.”

I gently closed my eyes to make an effort. A sincere effort, I made to follow Sleep’s advice. I whispered, “I’ll try.” Slowly, I am allowing the pressure of the day to slip away like sand falling through my fingers. I start thanking every bit of mine. My positive focus started making a shift in my mind, and my body slowly dived into a relaxed zone.

Sleep alluded me for a few minutes before gently kissing my forehead and taking me into a faraway land. My dreams became the reality, and my perceptions were fulfilled in this world. I found myself in a meadow, wandering around with the soft hues of twilight spread all around me. The gently flowing air felt quite soothing as it spread the fragrance of the blooming flowers in the surroundings.

In this dreamy world, I once again heard Sleep whispering to me, saying, “See how you are enjoying the beauty of night. I will paint your canvas with peace, harmony, and promises to grow. Embrace the beauty of the night, for in your dreams, you find a place to escape the hustle and bustle of the real world.”

I nodded gently, registering the wisdom in Sleep’s advice. My dreams landed me in a beautiful garden, where my worries faded away. 

My conversation with Sleep continued, not in words, but in the gentle embrace of dreams that unfolded like a story I had never read before.

As the night wore on, I traveled to various lands and explored the scenery of my imagination. The next morning, I opened my eyes and there was a sense of renewal. I felt blessed to have the companionship of my dear friend Sleep. She gave me the mantra of how to welcome her every night.

It is a story that I now read every night and enjoy thoroughly in a different way. The tale of dreams helped me to begin every day with a thoughtful and positive mind.

Summary: Erase your worries, recall good memories, love yourself, thank the Universe, and gratitude. The Mantra for My Good Night Sleep

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