Proven Adult Life Hacks for Everyday Ease

Proven Adult Life Hacks for Everyday Ease in my life

The challenges and learning curves of adult life are different. It is sometimes intimidating to manage finances or run a household. For those reasons, I started using many life hacks – simple but effective tips and tricks that greatly facilitated my day-to-day routine.

I want to share these gems with you. These hacks are all about simplifying and democratizing adult life, whether making budgeting easier or turning meal prep into a piece of cake.

Finance Management 


Issues with overspending and not saving enough regularly was a problem that I faced during the initial days of my career. There was a reason behind the same as I took a call not to take any financial support from the day 1 of my career journey. So long as I was a student, my parent’s pocket money was something I was surviving for personal expenses.

The pain of seeing my own money going, I realized first when my first salary was credited, and I needed to pay the rent of my PG, food, and other needs cost and left with almost nothing. But my self-respect never allowed me to ask for additional money from my father, and I thank my self-respect it helped me to become financially self-dependent. So, what hacks have I adapted for finance management?

Implementing the 50/30/20 budgeting rule

50% of income for necessities, 15% for wants and other desires; 25 percent savings or paying off debt. Implementation was easy as I remained a student of finance, and my work profile was also in the same field. Out of the 25% of the savings, 50% I used to invest in SIP and remaining as liquid cash. It made me disciplined in money management. You can try this hack if not done yet. Trust me, it will give you fantastic results. Still date I follow this hack. After marriage, I and my husband divided the monthly contribution for expenses, so my savings part, increased a bit.

Meal planning as a cost-saving tool

Meal planning lowers grocery bills and decreases food wastage, thus saving time, that people would use in determining their daily meals. The hack I learned from my mom, as she used to be a working lady and needed to plan the weekly meal menu. The meal preparations become fast and save time. Monthly Grocery planning she did every month and the best part she used to save from the previous month’s groceries to cover the coming month’s at least 7 days. All thanks to her kids, me, and my elder sister – we were not a tantrum child with regular demands of new items in meals and tiffin. I follow her pattern of grocery management hack and am glad to say I am on the right track. I watch some cooking channels to learn how to utilize leftover food without making waste, and that is another cost-saving hack for me.

Regular financial reviews

Adult life may be busy, but self-care is an essential aspect of ensuring they are physically and mentally in balance. What I understood is that if I put even simple habits into my everyday routine, I can become significantly healthier and happier.

 Mental Health

Meditations, journaling, and digital detoxes are practices that have assisted me in staying mentally clear-headed to keep down stress. Spending this time on these activities, even if it’s only for a couple of minutes every day, is very effective.

Physical Health

 I don’t go to regular gym sessions; a brisk walk and running after my toddler is the list of physical fitness I pursue. You can say my son is the medium or hack to keep me active. Also, maintaining energy levels involves a proper diet and enough sleep. But quality sleep is taking a back seat these days. It’s because of young child nightcare wake-ups. I am practicing no disturbed sleep with my kids early to bed and early to get up practice. Slowly it’s working and will be in place in some time, I am sure. Here also, my daily activity tracker is helping to ensure his and my meal times to go to bed on time. Before hitting the bed I thank the Universe… Gratitude.

Social and Emotional Well-being

 Making time for hobbies, friends, and downtime helps me recharge myself better and stay in touch with who I am.

Mindful Use of Technology & Digital Detox

In a tech-filled society of adults, it is as crucial to maintain both the virtual and physical sides in balance. Notifications are the relentless barrage and endless scanning that threaten to cost us our mental sanity or sense of efficiency. I had many occasions where my devices distracted me, thereby reducing focus and increasing stress.

Setting Boundaries

Wrapping Up

The secret of getting the most out of these life hacks lies in customization. It’s about discovering what fits your life and tweaking things accordingly. Be it managing your time, organizing your space, or looking after your well-being, these hacks are just starting points. Try them, modify them to your desires, and see how they make every day a bit easier. Know that the idea is to reduce your chores, allowing you more time with what truly matters. Do share your adult life hacks, as learning is gaining knowledge. 

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