5 Things to buy from France

Any plan for Travelling to France? If yes, then it’s a great destination to explore beyond any doubt. Touring to any destination remains incomplete if there is no chance for shopping. For any traveler it’s important to know what the best things to buy in France are.

Hermès Scarves:


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Hermès Scarves is also popularly known as carrés which means scarves. The product is small in size and can be easily packed in your luggage. In spite of being small in size it is one of the most expensive items to buy in France. If you plan to buy one for your wardrobe then give a check on the US price in market to make a perfect buy.


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If you want to gift someone very close to you a souvenir from France or even you want to buy something special for yourself then at least a bottle of wine is a must buy for you from France. Make sure to taste wine before you make the purchase. Get the same packed properly in the checked baggage so that it reaches your home destination in undamaged condition.

Hand Made French soap:

100-Handmade-France-Macarons-Coconut-Oil-Soap-Decorative-Christmas-Gift-Box-6-pieces-lot-Savon-Coffret soap

A well decorated box of handmade soaps will be an ideal option for gift from France. You can get this souvenir from South of France. Monastery gift shops will give you the chance to get exclusive body care products. Buying products from this shop will give monks the chance to earn a little bit of money for themelves and in return you will get genuine product for gifting purpose as well as for personal use.

Ceramic decorative Cookware:

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Alsace ceramic cookware will be a good buy for you only if you can pack it well in your luggage as it is a breakable item. It is both a functional and decorative item which you will love to have in your collection.



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An expensive but must buy from France is eau de toiletteor in simple words perfume. If you are buying a bottle which contains more than 3 ounces then pack it in your luggage back as it’s not allowed to be carried in a handbag in flight. Grasse is the prime spot where perfume is manufactured and known as capital of perfume making in France.