The Butchered Flowers- Poetry by Meetu N

Butchered Flowers

Everywhere I look, I see only death

Weeping mothers, shattered fathers

Pale faces masked with shock, anger and grief

Watching with horror the realization of worst fears


Butchered Flowers 1

Who made all hell break loose?

Why did little children only they choose?

These budding flowers were mercilessly crushed

Unbroken voices of innocence so brutally hushed



To what end for what purpose was this fury unleashed

The act was surely not of men but of some crazy beasts

Whose cold dead hearts could bear the loud screams of pain?

As the children cried and died not for a cause but just in vain!


Butchered Flowers 2

What was achieved what was taught by this cowardly bloodbath?

A wailing mother asks all those who are on the so called “holy warpath”

But none is there to answer her, not even those who have just robbed her

Of the most valuable treasure of life and left her lost without any anchor!