TEAM BHEEM- Kid’s Poetry by SANKALPA DAS ( 9 Yrs)


Cricket Panga

Raju 1

Chota Bheem is all set to go,

To hit the wicked with his blow.

Little Raju by his side,

No studies any time.

Chutki and Jaggu

Chutki Rani nods her head,

Poses to be very learned.

Monkey Jaggu jumps up high

Reaching up to the sky.

Dholu, Bholu , Kalia

Dholu, Bholu twin brothers,

Always ready with pranks on others.

Greedy boy , Kalia

Loves to eat halua.


Indumati (2) raja_indraverma


Indraverma , the great king

Can never properly do any thing.

Indumati, the princess

Without Bheem , is hopeless.

Tunrun Maushi

But there is one thing common in everyone,

Tuntun mousi’s laddu is their hot favorite one.