A session with Angel sisters- SHRRADHA & SHRRUTI PAREIKH

angel sisters

Hello Shrradha and Shrruti, It’s an honor for us to get you here for this session. Please tell something about you and your journey so far as angel card reader.

Hi Friends, Hope you are doing well!

The honor is for us to talk about our spiritual journey. The Journey for us has been beautiful and we both are growing and fulfilling our purpose. As Angel Card Reader the journey has been beautiful and helpful about knowing more and more about the divine Universe. Letting People know their purpose and knowing that angels are always call away. If you call an angel from heart they will come in any form. They will leave their signs.

Life is very unpredictable these days, so how you angel sisters are planning to make contribution at your end towards helping people in balancing life by telling them about the tentative upcoming events in life?

We are trying to help people in many ways, by giving reading, crystal healing, with numerology that contains birth dates reading, healing people through healing session and trying to help them be positive.

Is Tarot reading a science or a special spiritual power which special people get from god?

Tarot Reading is a spiritual cards which helps you to get accurate reading. Regarding the special power, God has given everyone a power of getting connected to him it is upon us that we use it or not. Six sense and instincts everyone has but we believe it or not is upon us.

What type of people you get to meet as tarot reader in maximum and in most of the cases what are the areas of life about which they are eager to know?

This is an interesting question, half of the cases people ask us about their marriage, money and their job and in other half cases the problem lies within their thoughts which we need to convert into positivity. Common question asked is about money and marriage. We meet different sort of people. At times we get the cases of marital problems.


Can we get a brief about what exactly is angel card reading and what process is followed to give verdict to clients?

Angels are the messengers of God, they helps us to know our purpose of life, the changes we need to do in our daily life. We channelize with angels through our soul and thoughts, we do angel card reading through cards, through channelizing and through intuition.

Tell something about Angels Magik. What is the mission and vision of this project?

Angels Magik first mission to bring a positivity through different medium of readings, Second mission is to open a spiritual School where people can learn many things. To heal more and more people, too help people to connect to their soul and to their life purpose.

 Year 2015 is about to begin and people will be interested to know what will happen in 2015. Where they can contact you for their card reading?

They can connect us for the appointments on this numbers 9833911713 / 9819244851 or they can mail us too for appointments on this mail id angelsmagik@gmail.com

What are your plans five years down the line?

Our first plan is to buy a small house for our dad then open a school and expand our Angel Magik. 🙂

Share some experiences which are special while you made a try to help people by giving their card reading?

For us every reading is special as we just not connect with cards but we connect with people’s soul and make them smile. But there was one interesting case where our client had lost all hope from his life but after having the card reading session there was a new positive energy in him which made us feel so happy.

How effective is Angel card reading in giving predictions in comparisons to other medium of predictions?

See every card reading has different meaning, regarding angel card reading you get to know the things you need to change in your nature, your habits and to trust your heart desire.

What are your passions and areas of interest in life other than card reading?

Shrradha:- mine is connecting to different people, travelling, dancing, watching movies, Networking and bringing smile on sad faces.

Shrruti: – Mine is Writing, Reading, Drawing Mandala, Photography, Singing, motivating people through positive thinking.

In one line- who are the angel sisters- god’s gift or a mere miracle in life?

We will say they are both 🙂

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