Me Vs You- Poetry by Meetu N


Every day as I try to sleep

The daggers of your words hurt me so deep

I struggle with my dreams of distress

But I find myself unable to give my mind some rest




My dead soul hangs on my living skeleton

My tearless eyes try to change the same vision

The total destruction of my hopes and reason

And the chains of emotion that bind me in this prison



I feel like a phoenix, so wonderful a bird

Whose cries of distress are so pleasantly heard

My entire being suddenly bursts into flames

Just like that beautiful flier when it comes of age



And then I rise from the ashes again

Determined to be stronger and beat the pain

But even as I learn to be much stronger

Your swords of abuse become even sharper


This not a story where the fates of two people collide

But rather a tale of how two destinies interwind

I find you everywhere no matter where I hide

Only the faces change but the characters don’t slide




So the story goes on as day and night

But I am still not willing to give up the fight

Your strength is your brutality and mine my faith

I know someday my love will encircle you like swathe