A Session With Wedding Photographer Nirmalya Banerjee

1) Hi Nirmalya its an honor for me to introduce a brilliant photographer like you to my readers. Nirmalya say something about you and your background?
Hello. Its truly an honor for me. And I thank the team of Indiacafe24.com and the beloved readers for bestowing this honor to me.
I am just a simple guy with big dreams, trying to capture moments in a Grand way. I have always been in love with Visual Arts, be it movies, videogames, graphic design or photography. A 3D Animation Artist by training and profession, photography has been my passion for a long time. I used to carry my 8 MP digital camera with me everywhere, trying to capture anything and everything that fancied my eyes. I would try to capture group pictures and portraits of my friends in different experimental ways. Sometimes they would get fed up with me, but they allowed me. It was just a matter of time that I would turn this passion into profession. Now, I am a full fledged professional photographer, catering to clients across India and across cultures.
 2) How photography came in your life?


My first introduction with imaging technology was when I was a child. My dad had returned from an official tour with a Yashica camera for me. It was a film camera. I had a blast with it, though in those days, it was an expensive proposition because of the cost of the films, and developing and printing. But inspite of that, I enjoyed photography a lot. Then in 2008, after I joined my first job, I bought my first digital camera. An 8 Megapixel Nikon L18. I had been a Nikon guy since then. With digital camera, I was able to click away to my mind’s content. And now, it has gone to quite another level.

3) You specialized yourself in wedding photography, so why wedding snaps attracts you most?

I love the emotional connection of the lives involved in a wedding, and capturing those emotional moments in a bride or groom’s life, is in my opinion, a privilege in itself. Because those moments are one of the very few special moments in a person’s life. Also I find wedding photography quite challenging. Unlike studio photography, a wedding photographer doesn’t get very many chances to click an event or a special moment. And capturing that special moment at the very first opportunity, is quite a challenging task. Its what makes wedding a lot of fun. Also its a great way of making new friends. To this day, I am friends with every couple I photographed, and it’s the best privilege of all.

4) Being an expert in wedding section what are different religious wedding in India you covered so far?

_DSC8442 Collage copy
To date, I have covered many Bengali and Marwari weddings. Looking forward to capturing more varied flavors, in the time ahead.

5) What are the other genre which you love to click?

I love photography irrespective of genres, but the ones that I love most are, Wedding (Obviously), Portraiture, Landscape, Street and People. I will be starting in Fashion very soon.
6) How you decide the rates  for the events you cover?
The rates are dependent on the number of images, equipments used, the number of members on the team, and duration of the event. The quality of photography at NB PhotoArt remain constant across the variety of packages. There are primarily 4 packages, and the client can choose accordingly.

7) Plz share the details of contact so that our readers and other can get the chance to avail your service on special occasions of their life to catch the golden moments?


I can be contacted by phone: 9874490041, email: nbphotoart2008@gmail.com and my Facebook page is, https://www.facebook.com/NBPhotoart2008.

8) What are the other areas of interest in your life?

_DSC9502 copy

I love reading books, watching movies, swimming and music.

9) What major tools and instruments you are using to click the perfect snap?


Currently the tools that I use are, Nikon D7100, Nikon D800, 50mm 1.8 Prime lens, 24-70mm 2.8 lens, 80-200 mm 2.8 lens and 18-270mm lens.
10) who acted as a inspiration in your life and provoked you to become a great photographer?
My greatest inspiration is from my family, my parents and my wife. And creatively, I am very much inspired by the likes of Zack Arias, Scott Kelby and Ben Long.

11) What is your dream for your life ahead?

DSC_4491 copy

To be among the topmost Wedding Photographers in India.

12)  You received any special training in photography?

I did a certificate course in photography from National Academy of Photography

13) Rate yourself as a photographer?

I think my clients and my viewers are the best people to rate me. I would just love to stick to my job and keep on capturing good moments.

14) Any feedback or suggestion for budding photographers?

I would encourage budding photographers to, don’t get limited by gears. Its a mental limitation. If you like it, capture it, good photography doesn’t depend on a good DSLR. It depends on your creative vision. If you have a good vision, a good image can be made using a Mobile camera