Shonali – The Young & Inspirational Talent For Many

Describing Shonali in few words is just next to impossible. What we can say is that she is young, she is talented, She is creative, she is passionate person and last but not the least an adorable lady who can be inspirational for many. We just made an attempt to know Shonali very closely and definitely to get inspired by her. Check out what she shared with us about her and her journey so far.
Shonali Interview
1). Welcome Shonali ….. Its a pleasure to have you on this platform of Our readers would surely want to have a sneak peak on your background.
A- SHONALI DEY is a student by her choice, guest lecturer cum counsellor by profession and a Writer/ Poet by passion with her ardent love towards literature. Creative Head of Raindrops Company which believes in giving wings to young raw talents which are still under the veil.
Born and bought up in the City of Dreams but that never sleeps- MUMBAI, INDIA.
 Though pursuing her Bachelors in Microbiology, she finds her zest in penning down short stories,poems and couplets.
 2) We can surely call you a bundle of talent, so what others tell about you?
A- Hahaha… Thanks!
I do get complimented for being a multi-tasker, though I personally believe in following the passion that burns out of your heart and in my case the pen(writing) did the whole talking.
3) Your poems relates to which particular genre or its the representation of the different mood swings of your heart?
A- Well, when it comes to penning down my thoughts I am very unbiased and don’t like categorizing my work. In case of submission, I trust the authority to tag it under a suitable genre where it fits in aptly.
So round the circle, I don’t follow any particular genre as such.
When Cupid Struck Its Arrow
4) Be it a story or a poem, behind it there surely need to be some inspiration. what is that for you?
A- It wasn’t actually an inspiration or rather i would put it as a life changing phase. My mom got paralyzed 3years back and in those leisure afternoons in the hospital, I used to scribble down my thoughts on the tissue papers in the cafeteria.So for me, writing happened as a sudden chemical reaction where my mom played as a catalyst.
(Now look, such answers pop out when science says hello to literature)
5) What did you think about Romantic poems and its popularity in market?
A- Romance is something that instantly connects your heart, then be it in the form of poems or stories. Over the board, romantic verses rule the market throughout the season.
6) what type of Poem attracts you the most and why?
A- I get magnetized to meaningful poems which hit the strings of my soul. Deep and intense.
7) The Essence of Eternal Happiness – Your poetry book achieved massive success. Share some WOW moments in your life for this book.
The Essence of Eternal Happiness
A- While I answer to this, I hold a wide smile as I went back to the sweet memory lane.
Well, the WOW amongst them all was an instance where my 5 years old niece took my book to her school flaunting that her aunt is a writer. And the principal, after reading it calls me up the other day to invite me as a chief guest for their cultural event and thereby conducted a small talk to enlighten the young kids with the spark of literature.
(Imagine a science student exploring her poetic side out…)
8). Which poem of your books your favourite and why?
A- “Wake up Seed” a poem from my debut book – The Essence of Eternal Happiness is my all time favourite as it was my first motivational poem portraying how a Phoenix rises from the ashes to rule the Universe.
9) Whats the concept of Drenched Thoughts?
A- Drenched Thoughts is a series lately started by me which is hyping around the readers. It is a collection of contemporary quotes woven up in a very witty way.. It has a segment called Drenched Thoughts Weekend which goes LIVE on weekends where thoughts, poems, micro tales on certain impromptu or topic are shared by the rhymers and poets across the globe; thus bonding the thread of poetry.
10) The Musings of the Stars – Is next in line for release…… So give brief about it
A- Yeah… The Musings of the Stars is in the pipeline for the release which has a very unique concept with an attempt to spread the true eternal bliss of the celestial connections through a collection of 24 enticing poems describing the 12 zodiac signs; where each poem has a hypnotic fragrance of its own.
 11) What else you love to do besides writing poetry?
A- Whenever free I love trying out my calligraphy skills on paper, Sing out loud with the karaoke, Or if am free in class I sketch out cartoons of my professors or class-mates!
12) What as per you is the key features of a true poet?
A- I don’t believe in anything as such as I myself is an accidental poetess. So, it’s more of the words and emotions and the way you put them on a paper.
That’s the way you connect to the readers I believe.
 13) Do you want to share something special which you feel will show a new side of your character in life?
A- Lately, the most special happening of my life is my a year old princess –Ruhi whom I adopted last August.
Being a mother to my mom first (post-paralysis) and now years after its Ruhi, defines my womanhood completely.Life truly gets a magical dimensional turn after attaining motherhood is what I believe now.
 14) In one line define – Shonali Dey – the Dreamer poet
A- A girl who lives her life in prose & phrases.
 To wind up in short, I believe in exploring myself in different horizons of life through the power of my mighty Quill.
 Thanks a bunch IndiaCafe24 for this lovely conversation. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire session.
Cheers to the whole team.