Aditi Bose: The Story Teller

Aditi Bose,  an author by passion calls herself a mother first and an author later. She too believes in the fact that romance is one such genre for stories which will never fade away and will get new shine in the world of  Novels with every passing day. She shared her journey with us…. Check out what she said

Aditi Bose Interview

Hi Aditi, It’s a pleasure to have you on this platform of Our readers would surely want to have a sneak peak on your background.

I am a mother first and a writer after that. This, I think, is my truest identity. While my city of birth is Kolkata, Delhi is my second home now. I completed my MBA from the International Management Institute and am an alumna of Loreto House and St. Xavier’s College. Hailing from a family of judges and lawyers, I am the first to pick up the pen. Before I took up writing I was working with a recruitment agency and was heading their research and analytical hiring. Now I do a lot of content writing for various websites and also blog at

What did you think about Romantic Novel and its popularity in market?

Romance and love will never lose its popularity. This is one emotion everyone can identify with. It’s a separate story that some shy away from it. However, in recent times the market is flooded with a lot of books in this genre – and some are intolerable in their content and language. Guess it is just a part of the game – nothing can ever be all good.

Author Aditi Bose

You are from a complete different family background then how come you got addicted towards writing world?

Becoming an author was never really planned. But I have always liked writing. Stories my parents told me as a child and my passion for maintaining a personal diary and a travel journal inspired me to take up writing. Writing novels, as they say, just happened because the cosmic world had that planned for me!  

What elements of romantic genre stories fascinate you most?

I have always been intrigued with the fact of how love can blossom in the most mysterious of circumstances and amidst the most unpredictable of relationships. Society tends to scorn down on some of these love relationships. But I like writing about them.
I also believe that‎ love is not really about the first kiss. It is more about accepting that you are in love, having the courage to tell the world about it and working on the relationship.
Most books and publishers also tend to want ‘happily ever after’ stories. That, however, is not the case always. Moving on is also a part of love.
Writing about all these facets and many more, I think, makes this genre one that has immense potential. Unfortunately, few are exploring it. I wish people would move beyond penning down ‘college romances’.

My Dream Man - Aditi Bose

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Very recently your novel My Dream Man got published. So how you are feeling? What sort of reviews you are getting?

I am feeling happy. But I am grounded. There is a lot more that I can do and I will be working on them.  The kind of reviews that it has been getting is encouraging. ‎Especially since the style and language has been appreciated.

Which character of your Novel is your favorite and why?

My novel has primarily two characters. It’s difficult to say who my favorite is. However. I think, the father plays an important part in the story. His part in the grand finale of is important and I feel that today’s women, do need fathers like him.

How did you react when you saw your first copy of  My Dream Man?

I went cold and sweaty in the hand; giggly on the face; and blank in the mind. It’s like I was holding ‘creation’ in my hand.

How different is your first book Hama-Guri goes to School from My Dream Man

Oh there is no similarity between the two. The first is an eBook – it is a collection of short stories for children. My Dream Man, on the other hand, is a romance. It is available both in paperback and also on Kindle.

Aditi The author

The conflict between the publishers and authors is very common. Have you faced such problem while finding publisher for your book?

Finding a publisher was a horrid. Unless you are a celebrity or you have celebrity backing or the IIT-IIM tag, no traditional publisher will publish you. So I had to choose other forms. This said, I am thankful that both my publishers have been an out and out gentleman. I have had a great time working with them.

When did you first realize that you have the spark of becoming an author?


Tough to say. I knew I was a story-teller when I had to tell my child self-concocted stories at night – a new one each time! I guess it was just a matter of time before I actually begun writing them too. I started by writing stories for children. You will see many on But soon, always having been fond of reading romance novels, I wanted to tell those stories to the world as well.

 What are your other passions in life?

I like sketching, swimming, trying out different cuisines, and watching movies.

What are your future plans ? 

The second romance novel is getting its final touches. I don’t really know much else about the future. ‎:)

12)  What next in pipeline  and of what genre?

I am an author who is in love with love. So the next is also a romance. However it is definitely not going to be a run of the mill story.

13) Define Aditi Bose  the author in one line?

A woman who none will ever know completely – the layers are too many!