Numerologist Neha Pradeep Saini – Passionately dedicated towards predictive Science

After a very long time we got chance to catch up a young vibrant lady from the world of predictive Science. In spite of being successful  in her career , Neha Pradeep Saini is a person who is very down to earth and lady of substance. Check out what she said about her and her journey so far.
Neha Pradeep Saini INTERVIEW
1) Welcome to Before we start of the session, will request you to introduce you to our readers who will love to know about a talent like you. Say some thing about your background and you as a person.
Namastey & Thank you.
I am Neha Pradeep Saini and my interest in Numerology and other predictive sciences came to me as a blessing from my ancestors during my school days itself. My grandfather was fond of numerology and thus his interest got inherited in my life as an indispensable factor.
I have completed my graduation from MMK College, Bandra and a Diploma in Event management from EMDI Institute of Media and Communication, Bandra.
2) How Numerology came into your life and how you planned to take it off a step further to help people with your knowledge in this field?
This subject came to me as a blessing from my grand father hence my brand name is also “Blessed1Neha”. I started studying it in 2002 and started observing the principles and in no time realized how correct numerology is and then started the passion to study more and more and reach out to people in order to help them take a correct decision.
I started predicting to my friends and family through Numerology and in no time people started reaching out to me more information and guidance due to my accurate predictions. This is not magic but a science which can be learnt and can help people discover the features and elements of the persons character, destiny etc according to the date of birth and their name.
3) How effective is Astrology/ Numerology in changing the life pattern of a person as per you?
This is extremely important. In my experience I have warned people for accidents and losses or any other mishap and given them astrological/ numerological or even gemstone remedies and seen that the predicted accident/mishap  still happened but the person did not have any severe injuries or any major damage.
4) What exactly is Numerology Analysis and what sort of benefit it can offer to modify the life of a person?
Lets say some one is born on 01, since 01 is number of sun , such person will be by default bright, hot tempered since sun is a king of all planets hence people born under this number are natural leaders too.
Similarly the name number also matters and the vibrations it carries helps predict its future
ex: Shahrukh Khan comes on an auspicious number and hence we have seen him doing well ofcourse hard work also has its role to play.
5) Who encouraged you to enter this world of secret science?
My grandfather
6) Who is your Guru?
Cheiro/ SaptRishi’s/ Dr. Raviraj Ahirrao
7) How it feels when you notice that your reading and advice to any of your client changed the life in a positive way?
I feel Blessed that I have been given this opportunity to guide people to take the right decision in career/ relationship etc.
8) Being an expert on this secret science, can you please give an idea as why a good percentage of population don’t believe in astrology? What as per you the reasons behind that?
At times people have been mislead hence the loss of faith in this sacred science or probably ignorance also could be one of the prime reasons .
9) Can we actually forecast the True picture about the expected life events in a persons life?
Yes.  With the help of date of birth, place & time the major events like career, marriage, kids or even death could be predicted.
10) Say Something about Vastushastra as a tool for bringing prosperity.
It is extremely easy to follow: even if you follow basic Vastu tips you will see the difference soon:
Quick Tip: Temple in the house should be only in North East, North or East (no other location). All the idols, images of God should be in one place only. Do this in your house and you will see difference soon.
11) We all know that there are many such people available in this world who are misusing their knowledge of astrology to fill their pocket. Being a true astrologer what you  feel we can do to stop such people from malpractice?
I encourage people to never blindly believe anyone.
I generally give a five minute free consulting to my clients and encourage them to go for a paid consulting only it they if feel confident after the 5 – 10 minutes free session.
12) As you are trusted Astrology and numerology expert of celebrity world , how you manage to take some time out just for your relaxation out of busy schedule?
My work is my worship. I enjoy my work I don’t like to relax at all.
13) Name some celebrities whom you served.
Actress Vraddhi Sharma, Producer Rajeev Singh, Actor Abhinav Janak. Actor Deepak Hardasi aka Rickky, Director Jay Kampani

14) What are your other passions in life?
Music & Learning
15) Graphology is also a science by which we can tell about the nature of a person. What type of client generally approach for this study and why?
Rightly said nature , characteristics, habits of a person can be known from his handwritting. Graphology is even used to find out whether the person is saying the truth for example while giving a written statement you can analyse the same sample and analysis whether it is truth or false.
Even the compatibility of two people can be ascertained with the help of this. The traits we check for while using this is understanding, behavior, temperament, affection, care etc.
FYI psychopaths/ liars/ manipulators can be easily caught with the help of Graphology.
Most of my clients are from HR services and want to know whether the candidate is suitable for the profile offered/ or is genuine/ hardworking/ loyal etc
16) What is Gemology Analysis?
It is the usage of the  gemstones for a good career/relationships/ health problems etc
17) Biggest compliment so far received by you?
I have been told that I give my heart & soul to my work.
18) If anyone want to take your assistance for Numerology/ Vastushastra/ Astrology/ Gemology / Graphology  from you where they need to contact you?
Contact Number : 9773520618
My website:
My fb:
17) In one line: Who is Neha S ?
Devoted to serve humanity