Bollywood Songs for Janamshtami Celebrations

Set The Mood For Janamshtami Celebrations With These Famous Bollywood Songs

The one thing that is common amongst the various festivals of India is the use of Bollywood songs for setting the mood for the celebrations. This is especially true for festivals like Janmashtami, which is considered to be a festival full of energy and vigor. Given below is the list of five famous Bollywood songs that have been creating the right ambience for countless people to celebrate the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna.

Govinda Aala Re

Despite belonging to the black and white era of Bollywood, this is one of the most loved Janmashtami songs enjoyed by the masses. The song from the film Bluffmaster, features Shammi Kapoor, the most romantic hero of yesteryear.

Bada Natkhat He Re

This song from the super hit movie Amar Prem is the one favored by people to express their love for Lord Krishna. The beauty of this song, which is most popular for its Krishna Yashoda theme, lies in its soulful music and lyrics that depict motherly love.

Yashomati Maiya Se

Now who does not remember the extremely young Padmini Kolhapure enacting this song in the extremely successful movie Satyam Shivam Sundaram. The song sets a devotional mood and is mostly played in homes for creating a perfect ambience for festival puja.

Mach Gaya Shor

This superhit song from the movie Khuddar sees the Big B himself enacting the role of a govinda, who successfully breaks the Dahi Handi. The song has been motivating countless youngsters for years to achieve similar feats.

Chandi Ki Dal Par

This is one of the few songs from 1990’s to have made it to the list of popular Janmashtami songs. The song featured in the movie Hello Brother and stars Slaman Khan as a govida aiming to break a Dahi Handi even as he performs some cool dance steps.