Amrita Sher-Gil- Indian Frida Kahlo – Google Honour On Her 103rd Birthday

 Amrita Sher-Gil – The Charismatic Indian Painter

Amrita Sher-Gil

Born to a Sikh father and Hungarian Mother, on January 30, 1913, Amrita Sher Gil was an outstanding Indian painter with a charismatic personality. Her art work was a reflection of her affection for India during pre-colonial era.

Amrita Sher-Gil painting

Her achievements were many including the honour of being the youngest Asian to be elected as Associate of the Grand Salon in Paris. Amrita’s parents were aristocrats and were inclined towards art. At home she had an environment which inspired at an early age to discover her inner desire of painting.

Amrita Sher-Gil painting 1

In her early childhood, Amrita lived in Hungry with her father who was a Sanskrit Scholar and her mother who was a pianist. Later the family shifted to Shimla, India and there she developed interest in paintings. Later they moved to Italy. When she reached Italy, she took art classes at Santa Anunciata, a Roman Catholic institution. In Italy she was exposed to the brilliant artwork of Italian geniuses and it inspired her more.


Later she came back to India and took painting classes by Ervin Backlay. When she turned 16, she went to France for studies in art and at Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris she got her degree in Fine Arts. At France she started taking painting seriously and made some of her brilliant portraits.


Her style of painting was bold and alluring. The Torso she made during her study of nude was outstanding which impressed the critics. In 1934, she came back to India and started painting on Indian subjects.


Her expressions were impressive and her strokes justified the Indian subjects like village beggars and poor people. After three years of returning to India, she went to South India for a tour. She learned the expression of simplicity in her work there.


In 1938, Amrita married her cousin Victor Egan in Hungry, against her parents wish, and an year later she returned to India and painted some more. Three years later she died, leaving behind a legacy of classic master pieces.


This year, on her 103rd birthday, Google honoured her with a Google Doodle on their search engine page with a depiction of the  painting “Three Girls” of Amrita by Jennifer Hom.


The painting is dedicated to Amrita’s artwork and the artist did a lot of research and put the hard work to match the style of Amrita. The use of tones and textures blended with colours and style. The Doodle came out remarkable and it was a great tribute to the artist who brought India international fame in the field of paintings.