Maroon Enamel Print Copper Bottle @ World of EK

Boost Immunity With World of EK’S, Maroon Enamel Print Copper Bottle

Today’s generation has become more health-conscious and is returning to traditional notions. I am no different and wanted to incorporate significant changes to benefit my family’s health. Out of the many alterations I planned for my household, one of them was switching to copper bottles. When I began looking for options, the first name that I came across was World of EK, the brand of Ektaa Kapoor.

Ektaa Kapoor is a personality who needs no introduction. She is a renowned television and film producer and director. Her brand also has an amazing collection of home décor, fashion products, and much more. I was amazed by the assortment of items on the portal and purchased a Maroon Enamel Print Copper Bottle with a 1 L capacity.

About EK’s Maroon Enamel Print Copper Bottle

The copper bottle has a beautiful hue of maroon with traditional designs. The colour print and patterns are excellent. The bottle is around 7 cm in length and width and 29 cm in height. It is not very hefty as its weight is only 300 g. As the bottle is metallic, it is incompatible with the microwave oven.

My Experience after Using the Copper Bottle

The copper bottle is a delight to watch in the first place. The traditional Mandala prints catch my eye each time I see the bottle. As far as the quality of the item is concerned, I was amazed by the accuracy of the design. The cap fits perfectly with precise threading. The bottle has an ergonomic shape and is easy to hold and carry. Moreover, it is relatively lightweight and convenient even while travelling.

The taste of the water was completely balanced and soothing. There was no extra earthly tinge or taste to the water. Yet, when I consumed water from this bottle, I was aware of the numerous benefits I provided myself and my family.

Furthermore, it is very easy to maintain the bottle as a dry cloth easily wipes off the dust from the surface. The price of the bottle is reasonable compared to other copper bottles in the market or on the Net. I also got the item at a discounted price from the online portal.

Why Should One Switch to Copperware?

Copper has many benefits, and the previous generations used it widely in their utensils. In today’s times, when everyone is talking about bringing positive lifestyle changes, switching to copperware is a wise decision. The metal gets infused into the water in the bottle, and consuming this water is highly beneficial for health.

Copper has antimicrobial attributes that help fight infections. It also improves one’s immunity, digestion, and blood circulation. Therefore, if you are seeking copper bottles of brilliant quality, EK is the brand you must go for. You can check the online platform to view the amazing collection of umpteen products, including copper bottles. After using this bottle for around two weeks, I am greatly satisfied with this purchase. I highly recommend this product to all readers.