Emil Mens Jacket @hummel- Perfect Product for the Upcoming Season

Emil Men’s Jacket @hummel- Perfect Product for the Upcoming Season

Winter is just around the corner, and I have started reshuffling my closet to prepare for the chills. The location I reside has peak winters from December through January. Thus, keeping all winterwear ready was essential. I arranged my husband’s wardrobe the other day and found that one of his jackets needed replacement. When I asked my husband which brand he would like to buy for the next one, he immediately mentioned Hummel. He said he had gone through its products before but did not have the scope to buy one.

Thus, according to his choice and my curiosity, I visited the official online store of this brand. As soon as I visited the site, I was amazed to find such a great collection. The platform has numerous items for men and women, including accessories and footwear, besides clothing. After going through various products, I ordered a blue padded jacket for my husband.

About Hummel’s Blue Padded Men’s Jacket

The jacket is dark blue and has a padded texture throughout. The closure contains a zipper from top to bottom. The product has two pockets and a faux collar.

The zip closure and pocket borders are white. Also, the two sleeves have brief white arrow-like designs on the front. The hemline is straight, and the sleeves are full. The jacket is made of 100% polyester fabric.  

First-Hand Experience after Wearing the Jacket

The first word my husband uttered after putting the jacket on for trial was, “awesome”. He had heard of this brand’s appreciation earlier and was more than delighted to own one of its products. The polyester fabric is most suitable for the winter as it is a great insulator. My husband travels to the office on his motorbike, so he must protect himself properly from the chilly winds. This jacket shall safeguard him completely as it has appropriate padding.

The mock collar is an excellent feature of this jacket, which gives the appearance of a turtle neck. Also, it ensures that the neck is covered and protected from cold weather. The pockets are wide and spacious, and one can easily keep vital things like vehicle keys, the smartphone, etc., inside them.

The colour combination of this item is eye-catching. The white borders amid the beautiful blue hue look great on my husband. The shades are such that they would match any complexion. Furthermore, one can pair the blue colour with dark as well as light bottom wear.

The point worth mentioning about this item is its accurate fitting. All the critical areas, like the chest, shoulders, sleeves, etc., have perfect fittings. My husband wears 42 in. in other clothing, so I ordered the XL size for him corresponding to 43.5 in. When we received the product, the measurements matched the size chart on the portal to the T. The price of this item is absolutely justified owing to the precise fitting and protective fabric. I highly recommend this product to all readers and suggest they buy it before winters arrive.