The Story Of Kali Puja

The Mythological Story Associated With Kali Puja

Kali Puja

Diwali, which is celebrated as a festival of lights across India and its neighboring countries, holds special reverence for the Bengali community, who also worship Goddess Kali on this day. The Kali Puja is performed on the new moon night of the month of Ashwin according to the Hindu calendar. It is believed that the tradition of performing Kali Puja was initiated by Raja Krishnachandra, the king of Navadipa, in the 18th century, and it was carried forward under the patronage of the wealthy families and rich and famous people of Bengal. The origin of the festival is also related to an interesting legend which constitutes of various aspects.
1The image of Goddess Kali is often that of a fearsome and fierce deity. She is believed to have been born from the brow of goddess Durga during one of her fights with the demons. It is believed that, once two demons named Sumbho and Nisumbho plagued both Earth and Heaven. The gods then prayed to goddess Durga to save them from the atrocities of the two demons. In response to their prayers, goddess Durga created Kali, who went on a killing rampage of the demons with her Khara. She became so engrossed in the war, that she started destroying everything in her sight and even wore a garland of heads of the demons she had killed.
Sensing her wrath, Lord Shiva, the husband of her alternate self Goddess Durga, placed himself in her path on battle ground. In her fury, Goddess Kali stepped on Shiva and the deity realizing her mistake stuck out her tongue in surprise.
In that instant all her fury vanished, but this image of her with her tongue stuck out and Lord Shiva under her feet became her eternal identity. It is believed that kali puja is celebrated to mark this occasion when the goddess lost herself in her thirst for blood and had to be calmed down by none other than Lord Shiva himself.
kali 2Given the mythological circumstances of her birth and the fact that she helped eliminate the fear of the demons from the hearts of the gods, Goddess Kali is also known by the name of Kal Bhoi Nashini, which roughly means the destroyer of fear. Within the Bengali community she is also worshiped as the Dark Mother besides which she is also considered the Goddess of Tantrism, or the art of Indian Black magic. However, the main aim of performing Kali Puja is to seek her help in the destruction of evil within and around the individuals!

Wish You All A Happy Kali Puja


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