Golden Blood: Get To Know About This Rarest Blood Type

Golden Blood: Get to know about this rarest blood type

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Golden blood, the name itself, sounds rare and hence many are hardly aware of this type of blood. The Golden blood came into the limelight for the first time in the year 1961, and it is named Rh null. This name is due to the absence of RBC or red blood cells. People with golden blood are rare in the world. As per research, the number of people with this blood group is less than 50.

The reasons for having Golden Blood type?

As per doctors, life remains in danger for people who belong to this blood group. Hence, it is necessary to get details about the facts as to why some people have golden blood. The primary cause is a genetic mutation or extemporaneous change in the gene. It generally happens among those having mutation in the RHAG gene. This mutation is often associated with the disease that is called hereditary stomatocytosis.

Who can have the Golden Blood type?

  • A child is born with golden blood due to consanguineous marriage. It means when marriage occurs between brother-sister, cousins, or near relatives.
  • Individuals with abnormal genes with disease traits and inherited genetically.

What are complications?

  • A native with Rh null blood may experience mild to average anemia since their birth. It may lead to the fast destruction of RBC in blood.
  • The native can have low hemoglobin and may suffer from paleness and weariness.
  • Chances are there to witness different structural defects in the RBC are possible in Golden blood natives. The red cells will become less elastic, and the red cell covering will become abnormal.
  • Individuals with Golden blood may face challenges during a blood transfusion. Hence, hospitals need to follow some special protocols for managing emergencies for such patients.

Can you donate Golden blood?

Well, the good part is that Golden blood natives can donate blood. An individual with Rh null blood is often considered the universal donor. People with rare blood types falling in the Rh systems can accept Golden blood. It’s a rare blood type and so its availability is difficult.