The Royal Guard- The Symbol of timeless Memories

The Royal Guard- The Symbol of timeless Memories

Located amid the picturesque charm of Shimla city, there was the ancestral home of the famous Raghuvanshi family. That royal house is also the home for the majestic grandfather clock hanging on the walls for several generations of the family.

Its wooden frame weathered with age, yet its spirit is eternal. This clock had witnessed generations of the Raghuvanshi family, its rhythmic ticking a constant companion through their joys and sorrows.

In the Raghuvanshi mansion, the clock was hung on the walls by by none other than Suraj Singh Raghuvanshi. With each turn of the key, he embedded it with his years of knowledge and experience. It stood tall in the foyer, and the sound it produced kept echoing in the hall, narrating the story of the Suraj Singh’s growing family.

As years passed by, the responsibilities of the house and the royal business passed from Suraj Singh to his son, Vikram Singh Raghuvanshi. Under his supervision and guidance, the family kept expanding, and the clock kept witnessing the joyous laughter of children and the feeling of love and togetherness among the members of the family.

Time marched on, and Vikram Singh also aged and now the responsibility of managing the clock was on the caring hands of Vikram Singh’s daughter, Meera. She grew up witnessing the melancholy tick-tock sound of the clock, in the background of her childhood.

The grandfather clock was like the symbol of togetherness for the family. It always reminded the visitors in the house about the unbreakable ties that kept this royal Raghuvanshi family together. Every daughter at one time needs to step out of the ancestral family to get welcomed by another as their daughter-in-law. The rule was no different for Meera.

Meera eventually got married to another royal family of Uttrakhand and left the Raghuvanshi mansion, but the clock remained, being faithful and to record the saga of the new generation. After Meera now it was the responsibility of Vikram’s son, Madhav Singh Raghuvansi, a young man with dreams as vast as the sky.

Madhav was in love with the old clock, as its presence always remained him about his childhood and rich family history. He loved to sit by its side, enjoying the melody of gentle chimes, representing the tradition and the love between the members of the family which till date remained the talk of the city.

Years passed, and the Raghuvanshi mansion stood as a symbol of never fading strength of the relationship of love and togetherness among the family members. Witnessing the laughter and tears, success and hard times of Raghuvanshi family, the clock stood as a testament for others to follow about familial bond and the power of love.

One day, as Madhav stood before the clock, he was revisiting his family memories since the time of his grandfather and understood that this Grandfather clock performed the role of family caretaker beyond performing mere timekeeper job. It was a keeper of memories, a guardian of the family, and a symbol of the familial bond that helped the Raghuvanshi family being together for generations.

And so, the clock continued singing the song of family love besides maintaining strict record of the seconds, minutes, and hours. It also counted the moments of love, laughter, and togetherness that made the Raghuvanshi family saga a truly timeless one.

A few words about the role of a clock: 

Do you know what a clock represents? The clock we use represents human lives. Its movement represents a good flow of energy. Ensure the clock you have at home is a good one and in perfect working condition.

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