A for Apple – The Story of Ava

 A for Apple – The Story of Ava, the Young Apple

Nano Tale for Kids With Alphabet A

In the heart of a fruit orchard, there was an apple tree. Among its branches, a young apple named Ava always dreamed of adventure. Every day, she used to enjoy and soak her under the golden sunlight and keep swinging with the breeze.

Ava eagerly waiting for her chance to explore life beyond the orchard’s boundary. She was in a mood to find the reason of her existence on earth. One sunny morning, a curious child plucked Ava from the branch.

Excited and nervous, Ava embarked on her journey to know the purpose of her being a part of the apple family. She rolled into the child’s hand. At that moment, when the child took a bite, Ava realized her mantra of life: to bring joy and nourishment to those who chose her to eat.

Other young apples on the tree witnessed the role of Ava, learned from her contribution in the child’s life, and understood the purpose of their lives.

From that day on, the other apples of the tree wholeheartedly embraced Ava’s purpose as an apple with big dreams, aiming to help others stay healthy and strong.

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