B for Boy – The Story of Bunty

B for Boy – The Story of Bunty – The Adorable Boy

Nano Tale for Kids With Alphabet B

Bunty is a cute and charming boy living in a posh society of a metro city. He loves to mingle with all with full-on energy and fun. He is like a bundle of joy. Bunty is always full of excitement and a happy-go-lucky charm for his neighborhood people.

But amidst his adventures, his love for Mumma is always supreme. Every day, he used to play with her mom and do scribble drawings with her. His eyes always gleamed with pride when Mumma cooks the dishes he loves.

Mumma’s smile was his sunshine, her hugs his safe shelter. Mumma always understands his unspoken words like magic. It surprises Bunty a lot as how Mumma knows everything about him.

One rainy afternoon, he made a paper boat and decorated it with rainbow colors for his Mumma. “For Mumma,” he whispered, placing it on her pillow. After the day’s work, Mumma came to bed and discovered it.

There were tears of joy in her eyes. Bunty smiled, noticing it standing near the bedroom door. He was so happy knowing his small handmade gift touched her heart.

In their cozy bedroom, their love blossomed when Mumma hugged him tight and kissed his forehead— ” Love you, darling,” she said.

The mother-and-child bond is unbreakable. A child’s pure devotion to his mother means the best gift for her.

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