Book Review of Goagram by Bina Nayak

Book Review of Goagram by Bina Nayak – A Story Offering Great Insights into the Life of an Influencer 


Social media influencers have come to play an important role in our everyday lives. They impact the everyday decisions and choices of countless people across the globe. However, have you ever wondered how these influencers lead their lives? What drives them to make the decisions they make?

If yes, then Goagram is one book you must read. Written by Bina Nayak, the book offers valuable insights into the life of a budding social media influencer. 

Premise –  Goagram

Madhur Chopra, also known as Maddie, is a cheerful and ambitious young woman living in Delhi. Even though she is a trained fashion designer, Maddie aspires to build her career as an Instagram influencer. After her boutique fails due to the harsh restrictions of COVID-19, Maddie moves to Goa to market her new line of clothes through her Instagram page. Here, she rents a beautiful room in an old Goan villa owned by Mrs. Coutinho.

The sweet attitude of her landlady, the laid-back life of the Goa, and the gradual success she earns as an Instagram influencer make her feel closer to fulfilling her dream. But fates have something else planned for Maddies and she lands in a situation where she is forced to give up her dream of being an Insta influencer. Will this be the end of her journey or will she have the courage to start afresh and get what she has always desired? 

Character Development – Goagram

Author Bina Nayak has presented each character quite realistically. She has managed to highlight the nuances of the day-to-day life and challenges of a social media influencer without taking it over the top. Be it the vivacious Maddie or the sweet-natured Mrs. Coutinho, each character adds value to the story and makes the book more enjoyable. 

Plot – Goagram

 The story is about a modern-day woman who aspires to build a successful career in a highly competitive field. It is a tale of the struggles and challenges that social media influencers go through before they can establish some credibility among their followers. The book also reflects the fact that social media influencers are as human as any of us with similar emotions, aspirations, and needs. 

Writing Style Goagram

Bina Nayak has done a great job of presenting a tale of a contemporary Indian woman and the struggles she faces. The author has followed a fast-paced narrative besides using simple language to tell a story that the readers can easily connect with. The colorful cover page design further arouses the interest of the readers in the book.

Final Verdict: Goagram

I found Goagram to be a good entertainer and hence I recommend it to everyone seeking a good reading experience. I give this book by Bina Nayak a rating of 4.5/5.