BRAVE INKED EMOTIONS- A Stepping Stone To The World Of Emotional Wellness


Emotion- is one such component of human life that plays a significant role in human experience and behavior development, and it also influences decision-making, social communication, and overall well-being. When our emotional wellness gets disturbed or hampered, we get under depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. We find it hard to manage our emotions and lose peace of mind. Sadly, a significant percentage of the population who gets affected due to a lack of emotional wellness are women. A handful of these women show the confidence to roar and overcome the obstacles that come their way to become inspirations for other women to follow. I am happy to share that I overcame the emotional struggles that I faced at one point in my life, and today, I am a happy soul. I shared my experiences and the ways I overcame hurdles to embrace emotional wellness in an anthology book as a chapter.

Please join hands with me for a round of applause for a talented woman, Roma Gupta Sinha – The compiler of the book BRAVE INKED EMOTIONS

Her Blog is Truly Yours Roma: The lifestyle blog of versatile blogger and author of seven books, Roma Gupta Sinha, who has been felicitated with numerous awards and recognition for her candid thought-provoking writings and her quantum of work including the coveted ‘Woman of the Year 2015’ and ‘Planet’s Pride Award 2018’. 

She is also the founder of Roma’s Communication Academy(RCA), which ardently endeavors to aid 6-60-year-olds bridge the gap between their intellect and expression.

Her tireless effort managed to bring the 31 souls under one umbrella to share their stories of emotional journey. Roma is the compiler, editor, cover page designer, and the brain behind the project BRAVE INKED EMOTIONS. 

31 women authors(Including me- Samata Dey Bose) shared their real-life experiences of the battles they fought or witnessed and how they overcame them. The book targets to bring awareness among women to work on their emotional wellness. The Book Tagline says ” Soulful life experiences of eminent Indian writers on how life taught them precious lessons in their emotional turmoil” – is enough to express what we 31 wonderful souls want to communicate to the world.

The book got launched on the auspicious occasion of International Women’s Day, 2024. The subjects that are covered here include mental health, sickness, grief, struggle to make a place in a new environment, parental challenges, and many more. Each one of the contributors to this book portrayed their real stories without hiding the truth, and that needs guts to do. At some point in life, we all experience emotional challenges, but if we know how to overcome them, then I am sure there will be a drastic change in the statistics of suicide and death cases across the globe.

My chapter titled ” Pure Love Teaches Acceptance,” talks about my emotional journey, where through 2 stories I shared two life situations where I was confused about my acceptance and role in the new environment I got introduced to. Yes, I faced emotional turmoil, but I came out strong with my power of love and understanding without losing my identity. Many women in India faced the emotional breakdown and failed to survive, and also many more are facing the circumstances I experienced in life. My intention behind penning this emotional chapter in this book is to create awareness among women still thinking about taking a stand for their self-respect and identity in society. 

I wish you all grab a copy of this book and take a tour of the life experiences and ways we changed our lives like an emotional wellness warrior in our lives. I hope this book will be like a stepping stone for all women to find their emotional wellness in a fruitful, positive, and meaningful way.