Q for Quilt- The Story of Qasim

Q for Quilt- The Story of Qasim – The Bond of Love

Nano Tale for Kids With Alphabet Q

Qasim, a village boy, was his grandma’s dearest grandson. His grandma was excellent at embroidering creative designs of threads on cloth. People from far places used to visit Qasim’s house to place embroidery orders for his grandma. With complete dedication and love, his grandma made various designs on sarees, tops, bedsheets, handkerchiefs, and even sometimes on sofa covers.

Qasim used many handkerchiefs with his name embroidered by his grandma. Being a caring grandson of his grandma, he always accompanied her to the market when she visited to buy the finest silk threads for the embroidery work. The colors of the threads were so bright, always used to impress Qasim, and one day he desired something special from his grandma. Hearing his wish, Grandma promised to make something special for him with her embroidery, which she never made for any.

Being his grandma’s favorite, he used to sleep with her, hugging her tight. The warmth of Granny’s hug always gave him a sense of love, care, and affection. Qasim parents also enjoy the bond of grandma-grandson and love them mingling with each other in such a passionate way. One day, without taking Qasim, his grandma went to the market.

She wished to give her grandson a surprise. She was planning to make a unique creation for him, and she needed the material for making it. So, she came alone to market and handpicked every material needed for her unique creation of love.

After returning from school, when Qasim didn’t find her grandma at home, he enquired his mom about grandma’s whereabouts. Hearing that Grandma went to the market alone, Qasim was angry as he couldn’t imagine Grandma leaving him home for shopping. Returning home, Grandma needs to face the cute anger of her grandson, but this time, she also shows fake anger toward Qasim.

She said, that every time she could not take Qasim with her. He needs to understand that. It made Qasim feel so bad that he stopped talking to Grandma instantly and cried a lot by hugging his mom. But surprisingly, while consoling Qasim, Mom, and Grandma gave mischievous smiles at each other. But Qasim failed to notice that.

It was almost a week now, and the grandma-grandson duo were not talking to each other and not even sharing the bed for sleep. Finally, the birthday of Qasim arrived, but this time, he was not in a happy mood because of the cold fight between him and Granny. “How can granny behave like that?” It was the question in his mind, but he was missing her.  

On the evening of his birthday, Qasim’s friend visited his house with gifts, and his mom served them home-cooked food, which they loved a lot. Qasim played with his friends. He waved to them before they headed back towards their home. But something was missing from his birthday…. his Grandma’s hug.

When he entered the house after his friends left, he saw a big gift on the table along with the gifts of his friend. The curious mind said, “What’s that, and who gave it?” He ran towards the table and picked up that big gift. He opened it too fast and peeped inside the packet to see what was there. Aha! A beautiful Quilt with his name embroidered with colorful silk threads and beautiful lace borders.

He felt the warmth and love of his Grandma in it, and tears rolled down his cheeks. He turned back to run toward his Grandma. Oh! Mom and Grandma, are right behind him and smiling towards him. Now he understood why Grandma behaved like that for so many days with him. She wanted to give this surprise and crafted this beautiful blanket for her adorable grandson.

 “Oh! Grandma, I love you. You are my best friend and the world’s best Granny,” saying this, Qasim hugged Grandma tight. “You are the world’s best Grandson and very precious to me. I am sorry for keeping you away from me for so long. But I needed time to make your special gift to surprise you. I had no choice other than to show fake anger to keep you away from me for some days”, said Grandma.

Grandma and Qasim slept that night together again. Qasim wrapped the quilt and felt a special warmth of love and care for his Granny.

From that day, the quilt became Qasim’s companion and a symbol of love between a Grandma and a Grandson. Expression of love has no boundary. It’s divine.

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