R for Rain: The Story of Roshan, Rain, and the Raincoat

R for Rain: The Story of Roshan, Rain, and the Raincoat-Enjoying Nature at its best

Nano Tale for Kids With Alphabet R

In a small city in West Bengal, a boy named Roshan lived with his parents and grandparents. He was the eyeball of the family, and even his neighbors were also fond of his charming and cute nature. He always meets and greets people with a vibrant smile on his face as bright as the Rainbow in the sky.

Roshan made many friends in his neighborhood and loved to play outside with them. But playing in the monsoon months became difficult for him. Due to heavy rain every year, Roshan used to get wet all over. He gets cold during monsoon months, so his mom doesn’t allow him to play outside on rainy days.

It made him very sad. He prayed to God for a solution. God listened and smiled and gave a dream to his grandma. Getting that dream, his grandma got an idea. Grandma understood how to help Roshan play on rainy days without hurting his health.

On Roshan’s birthday, Grandma gave him a special gift. It was a bright yellow raincoat. “You can wear it on rainy days and play outside. It will protect you from getting wet and keep you warm even when it rains!” she said with a smile.

Hearing this, Roshan was so happy and kept jumping and hugging his grandma. Seeing this action of Roshan, the entire family giggled. A few days after his birthday, a rainy day came.  

Roshan put on the raincoat and came in front of the mirror. “Aha! Am I not looking like a superhero?” Roshan murmured, and there was a divine smile on his face.

 He stepped out of the house and splashed through puddles. Roshan giggled and enjoyed the sprinkled raindrops falling on his shiny coat. He called all his friends to play with him, and all came out to play. A few of his friends wore raincoats of vibrant colors, and others came out with colorful umbrellas.

Looking at the happy kids, the Rain God showered more rain on them to enjoy. Together, Roshan and his friends danced through the rain. They chased raindrops and enjoyed the diamond drops kiss on their face. Finally, the rain gave a pause.

Roshan and his friends headed back home. On the way, they saw the smiling Rainbow waving hands to them. The kids waved back with beautiful smiles on their faces. They enjoyed playing in the rain, and they were not wet, and this realization made them happy.

After some time, the sun peeped through the clouds, painting the sky with vibrant colors. Roshan looked at the sky and thanked God. He understood even on a heavy rainy day his loyal raincoat would be there by his side. The raincoat would be ready to take him on an adventure that would come his way like a true friend.

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