P for Parrot- Story of Papita

P for Parrot- Story of Papita- The power of speech

Nano Tale for Kids With Alphabet P

In one of the houses in the village of Prashantipur lived a colorful parrot named Papita. One day, Papita was flying up alone in the sky and was separated from her family because she forgot the way back home. She was scared and sat on one of the branches of a tree of Prashantipur and crying. A farmer was returning home from the fields and noticed the crying parrot. He felt so sad for the bird and took Papita home for care and food. 

There was a little girl named Papiya at the farmer’s house, her daughter. After meeting the parrot, Papiya felt so connected with it that she gave her the name Papita, matching her name. From that day, Papita got a name, a home, and the love of a family.

Papita used to roam freely in the house and mingle with the other birds of the village. Papiya’s mother and father were also Papita’s parents, and they took the best care of their Parrot baby. For Papiya, Papita was her best friend, and she used to talk a lot with Papita once she got back from school. After listening to the conversations between the family members, Papita started learning human language and even began beautifully communicating with the family.

Papita was no more an ordinary bird; she mastered the remarkable talent for mimicking human speech. For this talent, Papita was adored a lot by her family and often appreciated for her unique ability to mimic words and phrases.

Doing hard work in the fields, Papiya’s father managed to save some money for his daughter’s education and to buy some land. He kept a lumpsum of his monetary possessions at home after bank withdrawal. He needed to pay the seller of the land he wished to buy. The deal will get finalized in the next 2-3 days. So he needs to pay the seller. This news somehow reached the ears of the thief gang of the village. They planned to steal the money from Papiya’s house at midnight. 

As Papita was part of the family, she never stayed in a cage. She used to sleep with the family in the same room on a chair. But that night, she heard the sound of footsteps near the house, and she alerted her ears. She flew near the window to peep outside and overheard the stealing plan of the thief gang in a whispering voice. She understood her family was in danger, and she needed to do something to protect her family.

As Papita mastered the skill of mimicry, now she mimicked the sound of the barking dog, loud and fierce. Hearing the unexpected noise of a dog barking, the thieves got scared. Talented Papita now mimicked the sound of her father (Papiya’s father)shouting for immediate help. The call was so loud that even the neighboring houses of the village could hear it and rushed towards Papita’s house to find out what went wrong.

Witnessing the approaching crowd, the thieves left their bags to save their lives by running faster. The villagers praised Papita and called her a superhero. They showered her with love and treats. Papita’s human family was also very proud of her, and Papiya held her in hand and kissed her forehead. Papita felt blessed to be a part of this family and to get so much love from the people surrounding her.

Papita’s ability to talk proves intelligence and a sense of responsibility are also there in birds and animals. The village learned that even the smallest creatures can make the biggest difference when they use their talents for good.

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