J for Jam- The Story of Jaichand and Apple Jam

J for Jam – The Story of Jaichand and Apple Jam – A Boy’s Curiosity  Launched a Business for Mom

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Jaichand is a small boy of five years who lives with his mom and dad in Jammu and Kasmir. His father, Sukhchand, owns a big apple orchard. The orchard is known to cultivate the finest quality Apples in India. Orders come from far states in India and other countries for the apples of Sukhchand’s orchard.

One day Jaichand asked his mom about the items that can one can prepare from the apples of their orchard. Jaichand’s mom assists his father in managing the orchard business and is also a great home chef who loves to cook unique dishes for her family.

After hearing the curious question from her son, she smiled and said, ” Jai, there are multiple dishes and items that one can make from apples. Tell me what you want to have. I would love to make it for you.”. Jaichand got confused as he was hardly aware of the names of any apple-themed items which he could name to his mom.

He asked a few of his friends in school if they could give some ideas about the best dishes one can have made of apples. But, no one knows beyond having an apple only as a fruit.  Jaichand was very sad as he was clueless about what he would say to Mumma to make for him with apple. He was sitting silently with a glass of milk in his drawing room when his mother entered the room and looked at Jaichand.

“What happened Jai? And why are you looking so sad? Asked his mom. With tears full of eyes, Jaichand said,” Mumma, I found no name of apple-made dishes till now. How will you make it if I don’t say the name?” Looking at the innocent face of Jaichand, his mumma went near him and hugged him. She took him in her lap and kissed his forehead. With Mumma’s touch, Jaichand felt a little better and held her tight.

She whispered in his ears, ” Jai, I already made something for you with apples. Will you love to taste it?” Instantly Jaichand felt energetic and jumped out from Mumma’s lap. He said,” What Mumma what?  I want to taste it.” Mumma giggled, looking at Jaichand, and she held his hand and made him sit on the dining chair.

Jai’s mom said,” Wait for two minutes, I am coming.”  In five minutes, she is back with a plate with toasted bread and something in red spread over the slices of bread. “What’s that mumma?” There was a curiosity in Jaichnad’s eyes, and he couldn’t wait and picked one slice from the plate and bit.”

Yummyyyyyyyyyyyy!…. I am loving it mumma. What’s the name of this dish?” His happiness made his mumma super happy. She said, “Jai, this is Jam, made of apple. I made it for you.” ” Mumma, I want to give a treat to my friends and serve them apple jelly. Can I invite them at home? Asked Jaichand and his mom gave a nod to his wish.

Jaichand’s curiosity about apple preparations helped his family to launch another line of business for Jelly making. Now, the family is known for their apple orchard and Jam business. Do you know what’s the name Jaichand’s mom gave to her homemade jam? Jai Jam….., isn’t the name so cute?

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