K for Ketchup – The Story of Kanchan and Mom’s Ketchup

K for Ketchup – The Story of Kanchan and Mom’s Ketchup – The Making of Homemade Ketchup

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In one of the villages in India named Kobo, there lived a little girl named Kanchan and her family. Kanchan’s father is a farmer. He cultivates many crops and seasonal vegetables in their fields.

In one of the fields, her father cultivates tomatoes. Every year in winter, the cultivated tomatoes used to be the best. After plucking the tomatoes, Kanchan’s father used to sell them to the vegetable vendors of the city and get a good price for it.

Kanchan is fond of tomatoes, so his father always keeps a basketful for her at home before selling the remaining tomatoes to the vendors. However, storing more than one basket of tomatoes in their small refrigerator was difficult for Kanchan’s mom. Storing it on the Kitchen slab is also difficult, as tomatoes will degrade, in no time due to lack of storage temperature. 


For her father, buying a big refrigerator seems unaffordable. Kanchan’s mom needs to look for options to give chance to enjoy the tomatoes even in the off-season. She discussed this with Kanchan’s father, and he thought to ask for suggestions from the vegetable vendors.

The very next day, Kanchan’s mother visited the city and joined the course, and the fee was quite affordable. Many village women like her take training in this center. In seven days, she learned the recipe and processing of tomato sauce and a few other jam and jelly-making techniques.  Kanchan was unaware of the efforts of her mom.

 One day, when she was in school, her mom prepared tomato ketchup and stored it in a few glass bottles. One bottle she kept on the table, and the remaining in the refrigerator for storage. In the evening, Kanchan returned from school.  Her mom served her Aloo Ka Paratha (wheat bread with potato stuffings) and ketchup.

 There was a huge curiosity in her eyes, and she took a bite of paratha with the ketchup. Its tangy taste won her heart. ” What’s that Ma? It tastes so delicious.” Mom smiled “Kancha, it’s ketchup, and I made it for you.

Now you can enjoy the taste of tomatoes across the year with ketchup.” Kanchan hugged her mom tight and said, “Oh! Ma, I love you.” From that day onwards ketchup became Kanchan’s companion for whatever she eats. Kanchan embarked on a new journey of art with ketchup.

She continued painting tomato masterpieces on her parathas, roti, bread, and even aloo (Potato)fries.

With every squeeze of ketchup, her love for this homemade sauce grew stronger. From then on, her every meal became a tasty tale of friendship between Ma’s Ketchup and Kanchan.

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