I for Ink- The Story Of Inky,Ibha & Ishant

I for Ink- The Story Of Inky,Ibha & Ishant – The Creative Journey

Nano Tale for Kids With Alphabet I

Inky, is a talking and adventurous ink pen with a charming personality. He was making an effort to know the purpose of his existence. Inky witnessed many of his friends from the pen community accompanying people of different ages, from young school-going kids to big business tycoons.

After coming out of the factory wrapped in a brand packet, Inky was waiting on the shelf of a stationary shop for someone to pick him up to take along. In the same shop, on another shelf, he saw a beautiful pinky-covered notebook with fine-quality blank pages waiting like him to be picked by someone to take home. Inky was getting bored that evening and thought of talking with the notebook, looking equally bored like him.

” Hey! Hello, beautiful pinky notebook. How are you? What’s your name?” asked Inky. Hearing the voice, notebook turned her face toward Inky. ” Me?” she cross-checked if Inky was looking for her or someone else in the shop.

” Yes, you … I am Inky, an Ink pen, and one can add colors of his/her choice in me to write what they wish to. What about you?” asked Inky. Now, the notebook smiled at Inky and said, ” Hello… I am Ibha, a notebook with a pink cover and fine-quality blank pages for someone to write.” Ibha answered.

“Well Ibha, how long do we need to stay in the shop, and when will someone choose us to take home with them?” with a confused voice Inky asked Ibha. ” Yes, I have the same question, and we have been here in this shop for almost a month. Every day people come to shop, but no one asks for us. Are we not worthy enough to be purchased?” There was sadness in the voice of Ibha, and Inky also felt it.

The chit-chat continued for a long time, and then a young college student entered the shop with his bag on his shoulder and started taking a tour of all the racks as if looking for something specific. He suddenly stopped in front of Ibha and picked her up.

There was a sense of satisfaction on his face when he turned the pages of Ibha. Ibha was happy watching that someone looked so happy holding her in hand. But after talking with Inky for so long, Ibha found a good friend in him and wished that this young man could also take Inky with him. There were tears in Inky’s eyes when he understood it was Ibha’s time to leave the shop to be at a new home.

Ibha’s prayers were answered then, and the man stepped towards the pen shelf, started checking a few pens, and gave a bright smile when he picked Inky. Finally, he decided to take Inky and Ibha with him and moved toward the payment table. After payment, he kept them in his bag and left the shop.

After reaching home, the student kept the bag on his study table.  Both Inky and Ibha heard a female voice, ” Why are you so late Ishant.?” ” “Mumma, I had a new plot in my mind for a fresh story, and so I went to the stationary shop for a new notebook and pen to start writing,”  said Ishant.

Hearing the conversation between Ishant and his mom, Inky and Ibha understood their purpose in life. They are here to help an author pen down the story he wants to write.  Inky and Ibha considered themselves privileged to be a part of the creative journey of an author.

Inky poured his heart out, while Ibha heard the unspoken words of the author, and her pages started registering the story by the author.  Inky, Ibha, and Ishant were on a mission to create a masterpiece story that people would love to read.

As the story started unfolding, Inky and Ibha realized that their bond was more than ink and paper—it was a creative collaboration, a story waiting to get published.

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