H for Handkerchief- The Story of Hiran

H for Handkerchief- The Story of Hiran – A Piece of Emotional Memory

Nano Tale for Kids With Alphabet H

It’s the story of little Haimanti and the beautiful handkerchief of her grandma. Her grandma named the handkerchief Hiran and promised Haimanti that after she left this world to be with his grandpa in the sky like a twinkling star, Hiran would be Haimanti’s forever.

Haimanti noticed many times that her grandma, while holding Hiran in hand, used to look at the sky, standing on the terrace as if she was talking to someone up there in the sky. Sometimes, Haimanti noticed tears in her grandma’s eyes.

She was very curious as to what’s the secret of Hiran that made her granny so emotional. Hiran is a beautiful handkerchief with intricate lacework embroidered with colorful flowers. The fabric is soft silk, and the designs are done with love using silk threads, making it look pretty.

One day, she sat beside her grandma and asked if she could ask her something. Her grandma smiled and nodded her head. ” Why are you so emotional for Hiran?” asked Haimanti. Grandma’s face turned shy, and her cheeks were red like an apple. Noticing Haimanti giggled, ” Nani, you look so cute, like an apple. Why are you shy?” Now grandma spoke.

“Haimanti, when I married your grandpa, I was very young. I used to cry a lot because I used to miss my family a lot. Even your grandpa was also young and was sad seeing his newly wedded wife missing her family so badly.

One day, he came to me and asked me if he could be my friend and If I could share my pain with him. Haimanti, that day, I found a true friend in him who used to take care of, pamper me, and make me feel happy always.

In no time, I stopped missing my family and mingled so well with my new family. We grew up together like friends and later understood that we were partners for life. For work, your grandpa once needed to visit the Arab nations.

At that time, he was taking charge of his family business of exporting Indian fabrics. Before he left, he asked me what I wanted from Arab as a gift. I asked him to bring whatever he likes, I will be happy with it.

After four months, he returned home and gifted me this handkerchief. The fabric of Hiran was from Arab and the lacework and embroidery by the artisans over there.

It’s a precious gift for me Haimanti, and even today, when I hold Hiran in my hand, I can feel the presence of your grandpa, and on the terrace, I stand with Hiran and talk with your grandpa. I will leave Hiran for you, and it will be my and your grandpa’s memory for you.”

She hugged her grandma tight, ” No, Nani, please don’t leave me. I will love you more than Nana, and Hiran will be your and mine memory for Nana.” Grandma hugged Haimanti, kissed her forehead, and looked at the bright star in the sky.

The silent words to her late husband, ” See, Haimanti is so much like you, so caring and loving towards me. Wait for a few more years, and allow me to spend some quality time with this wonder girl. She knows how to make one happy with her innocent love.

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