G For Girl- The Story of Gayatri

G For Girl- The Story of Gayatri- Father A Girl’s First Love

Nano Tale for Kids With Alphabet G

Gayatri is a small-town little girl for whom the world centers around his father, Gagan. With her charming eyes and mischievous smile, she always manages to get the attention of his father, whom she loves the most. She is her father’s darling, and her kiss is the first thing that begins her father’s day on a good note.

What she desires in her kiddish life is fulfilled by Gayatri’s father. She loves playing with him in the park and making sand houses on the beaches. Father and daughter duo sometimes jointly prepare new dishes to impress mommy with their cooking skills.

She is indeed so small that she cannot do much to help Gagan in the kitchen. But, she is excellent at giving creative and lovely recipe ideas, to her father. Although most of the time, the final dish appears so unique in look and taste that no one can eat it.

Poor mommy needs to clear the mess in the kitchen to cook again for them. But she enjoys the love and bond of Gayatri and Gagan, her two most loved people. For Gayatri, Gagan was the most handsome man in this world whom she didn’t want to share even with her mommy.

If she finds her mommy and dad sitting side by side and talking, she runs as fast as she can to remove them and sit in between.

Such cute activities always make her parents enjoy the moments. With her father, every day used to be like magic for her. She loves sharing her dreams and secrets with her dad. It’s a pure and unconditional bond of love, which any father will love to cherish forever.

Father is daughter’s First Love

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