F for Flower- The Story Of Falguni and Fulia

F for Flower- The Story Of Falguni and Fulia- The Princess and her Friends

Nano Tale for Kids With Alphabet F

In the Kingdom of Flowersia, Princess Falguni was known for her charming and friendly nature. She was very fond of her Kingdom’s flower garden, which used to be a vibrant drapery of colors and scents. The children of Flowersia used to visit this garden and play with the princess.

The floral surroundings in the garden used to giggle in happiness when the children played there and admired the beauty of the flowers. One fine morning, Princess Falguni went for a walk in the garden to enjoy some fresh air amid the newly bloomed flowers.

While strolling, she heard a sweet voice calling “Falguni …. Good morning.” She turned back, and just behind her, she saw Fulia, a talking Sunflower with a bright smile like the vibrant sun. Little Falguni was mesmerized by the beauty of Fulia and started walking towards her.

“How are you Fulia, and Good Morning,” said the princess. That was just the beginning, and they chatted a lot. Falguni shared the tales of her royal palace, her friends, and other royal and general people of the Kingdom.

Fulia and Falguni became best friends in no time, and Fulia shared with her some amazing secrets of the flower world, which turned this garden magically beautiful. They enjoyed playing with each other, and later all the flowers in the gardens joined them.

As the sun reached the middle of the sky, Falguni said good afternoon to the flowers and asked them to relax and come back with recharged energy to play again with the kids of the Kingdom and her in the evening.

In this flower garden, amid the floral beauties, bloomed another flower. It’s the flower of timeless friendship nurtured and cared for by the children of Flowersia under the supervision of Princess Falguni.

Falguni’s parents, King Kamlesh and Queen Kalabati, always taught Falguni to be good to everyone.

She is a very caring and lovely little princess because she followed what her parents said, and that’s why the whole Kingdom and the flowers of her garden love her a lot.

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