E for Elephant- The Story of Elvish & Ella

E for Elephant- The Story of Elvish & Ella- The Safari Bond

Nano Tale for Kids With Alphabet E

There was a boy named Elvish, who was very curious about everything in life. He was a charming and adorable boy.  In nursery lessons, his teacher taught him “E for Elephant.” After returning home, he asked his father, “Papa, I want to see an elephant.” Seeing the curiosity in his eyes, his father promised to take him on a Safari tour.

As promised, Elvish and his father arrived at the national zoo one day. They boarded the safari jeep and started the journey in the lush jungle with the safari guide. In between the tall trees and bushes, he spotted a baby elephant. It’s so similar to the one in his alphabet book.

 Elvish asked the guide,” What’s the name of that baby elephant? Is it a boy or a girl?” Hearing his question, the guide and his father laughed. The guide answered,” She is a girl, and her name is Ella.” Ella was out for a walk with her mommy in the jungle. She noticed two curious eyes watching her.

Ella’s cute eyes met his, and a bond formed instantly. She waved her trunk as if Elvish was her friend. Elvish eyes shined with happiness, and he waved back to Ella. Now Ella can’t stop, and she keeps following the Safari jeep to explore the wilderness with her new friend Elvish. 

She forgot that her mother was watching her. Her mommy witnessed Ella’s actions but didn’t stop her as she knew her child wanted to spend time with the little boy.  Elvish’s laughter filled the air.

 As the sun set, Elvish waved his hands towards Ella to bid farewell. Their eyes met once again with a promise to meet again. Elvish cutely said, ” Papa, can we take Ella with us at home?” The cute question from Elvish made her father smile, and he said no. ” But why papa? I will take care as she is my friend and will play with me.”

 The guide spoke, ” Dear, tell me one thing. Can you live without your parents? ” Hearing the question, Elvish got confused as he couldn’t sleep without Mom’s touch and warmth and Papa’s bedtime stories. Elvish said, ” I can’t live without Mom and Papa.”  “How can Ella be happy without her mom and dad? The jungle is her home, and she is happy here.” Said the guide.

Elvish realized, he looked back at Ella and shouted, ” Ella, bye, but I will come again to play with you. Don’t worry.” Hearing her name, Ella was so excited that she started waving back at Elvish so fast as if saying, ” I will wait and come back soon.”

 On this Safari trip, a beautiful friendship blossomed. It’s the innocent friendship of a boy and a baby elephant. Unpredictable meetings introduce us to some innocent and pure connections we cherish in life.

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