Taken 3- Movie Review

A Thriller that Thrills Only, and There’s Neeson

Taken 3

  • Taken 3
  • Cast: Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace, Famke Jenssen, Forest Withaker
  • Directed by: Olivier Megaton
  • Rating:

Among the genre of action thriller movies a recent addition is of course the ‘Taken’ franchise, which, according to many critics, worth watching mainly because of the strong and magnetic personality of Brian Mills, played by Liam Neeson. After watching Taken 3 one has to admit this statement as this poorly executed crime thriller has Neeson hold the interest.

Unlike the previous two ‘Taken’ movies, where kidnapping is a common crime around which the plots were woven, this part of Taken is a shadow of the film ‘The Fugitive’ perhaps. This time the writer Luke Bresson makes Mills the prime suspect for a murder and takes him in chase where he himself is the hunted one. Mills is accompanied by his ‘always in trouble’ daughter Kim, played by Maggie Grace. The place is Los Angeles. Mills carried on with his own investigation and family balance.


The film offers rays of good characterization at some portions. Neeson is as usual striking in the role of Mills. His hand-to-hand combat fights, his fast moves, all stun the viewers in the big screens. However, at some points, his moves and reactions seem to be too obvious and his opponents seem to be too weak. Yet he manages to make the viewers thrilled and entertained by his personae. Equally proper is Famke Jenssen in the role of his ex-wife and Forest Withaker.

But it is flaw by the director Megaton that he prolonged the dialogues, drags the uninteresting action scenes and builds up underground ‘fortress’ for the gangs that are equal to a Disneyland. However, the car chases, Mill’s reactions and dialogue throw; everything takes the viewers to a fast ride without giving too much option for thinking.