Top 5 Hollywood films of 2014 with highest collection in Box Office worldwide

 Success of a Film can be decided in two ways. First based on critic reviews and second based on the Box office collection.  Presenting the list of Top 5 Hollywood films of 2014 which performed successfully in Box Office globally.

Transformers: Age of Extinction:


Transformers: Age of Extinction is one of the best performing Hollywood movies 2014 in Box office. It is a science fic and action movie. This film is directed by Michael Bay. After its initial release this film got negative feedback from the critics’ team. Proving the critics wrong, this film managed to enroll itself in the list of massively successful movies in Box office by earning $1.087 Billion across globe.

Guardians of the Galaxy:


“Guardians of the Galaxy” is another film of this year, based on an American Super hero, which performed really well in the Box office with a better score from the critics than Transformers: Age of Extinction. James Gunn is the director for this film. Its overall earning in the box office globally is $771.8 Million



The third film in the list of best earning films of the year 2014 is Maleficent. It’s an American Dark Fantasy film directed by Robert Stromberg. Angelia Jolie plays the role of a villainess in this film. It received a mixed review from the team of critics, but yes it proved to be a commercial success and earned a massive value amounting to $757.8 Million.

X-Men: Days of Future Past:


X-Men: Days of Future Past is another Super Hero film of the year 2014 which performed really well in the Box office and earned $746 Million globally. Bryan Singer directed this film. The story, the visuals and the role plays by main characters were well appreciated by critics and audiences.

Captain America 2: The winter Soldier:


The Winter Soldier: It seems like that this year 2014 is the one which is dedicated to the success of super hero films. This American Super Hero Film scored really well both from critics end and audience end too. This film earned a good amount of $714.1 million in the box office globally. Anthony Russo and Joe Russo directed this film.

The above 5 films made a place in the TOP 5 Hollywood Films 2014 list in Box Office collection category.