Enjoy amazing and gripping games at Solitaire.org- Explore a new gaming world

Enjoy amazing and Gripping Games at Solitaire.org – Explore a new gaming world

I heard of this website Solitaire.org a long time back, but never took the time to explore it. Also, card games are not much of a favorite on my list and so the website’s name did not quite convince me. However, one of my friends recently told me about an interesting word game on this portal. On inquiring, I learned that the website has many more games besides Solitaire. 
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After trying some games, I found a few fascinating games. Two of these were Cooking Mahjong and the garden-themed Hidden Object. These games soothed my mind, and I played them almost endlessly to get enough! I am so happy to share these games’ features with the readers to convey my amusement.

Cooking Mahjong

I played it once when it was one of the in-built games on my desktop. So, I knew the rules and wanted to see what themes this portal has to offer. As soon as I saw the word cooking, I could not stop clicking the button. 
This theme is based on clicking three opened tiles to complete a recipe displayed on the top. One has to conclude the task in the given time. The time-bound feature makes the game even more captivating.
As I have a knack for culinary skills, it was so much fun to select the ingredients that make up a dish. The images are also so real-like. When I finished the required number of items, it made me feel as if I had really finished cooking it. 
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I also liked the Shuffle option, which changes the set-up of tiles for better searching. As you can see, the below screenshot has shuffled the order compared to the above screenshot. 
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The next level increases the difficulty, as implied in the below screenshot. 
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Hidden Objects – Garden Secrets 

The other game I loved, in fact, more than the previous one, was the hidden objects. Among many themes like the castle, circus, pirate, garden, princess, etc., I chose the garden to start. Being a nature lover, I wanted to explore how the designers created this game. Consequently, I was amused to see the detailing of the landscape. 
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The game may seem easy initially, but eventually becomes challenging and more fun to search the items. Also, even if one plays at the same level another time, some objects change to maintain interest. The below screenshot verifies this fact. 
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An amazing feature of this game is the zooming option. I never found this attribute in the hidden objects games I played on other portals. Magnifying the image makes it easier to find smaller objects. The below screenshot shows a zoomed-in portion of the above screenshot. I felt amused that the image quality does not blur even on magnifying. 
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Another characteristic of this game is the time-deduction feature. If one clicks on any random area of the screen that does correspond to any hidden item, the timer subtracts five seconds from the remaining time. I captured the below screenshot just when the deduction was flashing on the screen. This feature makes the game more gripping and enables players to focus more. 
The best thing I liked about both these games, was that they grasp one’s mind completely with their amazing interface and soothing music. Till the time I played the games, I was away from waste and negative thoughts. My mind was engrossed in completing the game, and it trained me to concentrate. In today’s fast-moving times, people think of many complicated ways to focus. The harder they try, the more difficult it gets. The games on Solitaire.org are simple yet profound ways of learning to focus. You will think you are only playing a game, but you will realize later the immense positive consequence it has on your mind. 
I highly recommend my readers try this website and choose their favorite game from their massive collection.