Book Review of Papercut – A Stunning Thriller Full of Surprises

Book Review of Papercut by Kshitij Anand & Sudarsan Nagarajan- A Stunning Thriller Full of Surprises

Papercut - A Stunning Thriller


Few writers can turn their debut novel into a nail-biting thriller that keeps people on the edge of their seats. But Kshitij Anand and Sudarsan Nagarajan manages to take you on an expedition where there are no limits to lies, deception, and betrayal, through his book Papercut. The title itself was enough to inspire me to start reading this book right away. 


Papercut - Book Review by Samata Dey Bose
Venessa is a highly decorated police officer who has reached the pinnacle of success. Then she becomes involved in a case that threatens everything she has worked hard to achieve. With her reputation and multiple lives, including her own, at stake, will she be able to solve the case and deliver the justice she has always upheld?  

Character Development

Papercut - Book review in India
Realistically, portraying corrupt and unethical characters is a tough job that the author has managed to do wonderfully well. 


 The storyline is fascinating and becomes quite interesting as one reads on. The number of twists and turns makes it a must-read for those who love suspense stories. 

Writing Style

Papercut - Book Review
The author has done a great job of maintaining the element of suspense till the very end. The writing style is easy and understandable, which adds value to the book. The simplicity of language used to portray the story, keeps the readers hooked to the end.
The cover perfectly matches the theme of the book and even provides an idea of its story. 

Final Verdict

I enjoyed reading the book very much and recommend it to everyone. I give it a rating of 4.5/5. Grab the book today and I am sure thriller/suspense lovers will love it.